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A Comparative Study Of Self Building Of The CPC And The CPV Since1980s

Posted on:2013-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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since Communist Party of China set up,this major issue for the construction of what kind of a party and how to build the party has been carrying out tireless explorations.Since the reform and opening up,the new change of the world situation,national situation and Party situation pose a new challenge to party’s self building.The new generation of collective leadership with Hu Jintao as the core scientific analysis the specific problems faced by the party.Basing on the inheritance of Marxism-Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,in particular,Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thought, the collective leadership continues to promote the new great project of Party building, from the ideological, organizational building, style of construction,institution building,governance capability, advanced building and construction of anti-corruption and other aspects,forming a general party building layout that coordinates the promotion, highlights the main line,and focuses on different aspects.CPV also made efforts to strengthen Party building,according to the changes of the ruling environment.And has made has made remarkable achievements in the party’s ideological and theoretical,organizational building,construction of anti-corruption and other aspects.Both of the two parties completed the transition from the Revolutionary Party to the ruling party; shift from the party blocked by the external and had a planned economy to the party leading national construction in opening-up and socialist market economy conditions. There are similarities in the problems,theme and task faced by the two parties, thus the exploration of the theory and practice is also comparable and a reference.This is the macroscopic study of the Marxist ruling party building. The CPC and the CPV is the research object of this paper. Using comparative methods, this article explores the adaptation and reform of the two parties’s ideological and theoretical building,organization building and honest government building since the1980s, based on the CPC’s and the CPV’s judgment of external political ecology, their value and status. The article combs and summaries the self-construction theory and practice of the CPC and the CPV since the1980s, analyzes the similarities and differences of the two parties’ self-construction,tries to formation understanding of the laws of the Marxist ruling party self-construction, which can provide the CPC theoretical guidance on strengthening and improving party building in the new historical conditions.This study adopts ideas from part to total to put forword author’s opinion. Around the theme of each chapter,the study firstly combs and compares experiences and lessons in the the CPC’s and the CPV’s self-construction.Then,it summarizes the similarities and differences of the self-construction of the two parties.Lastly,it reflects on the experience and lessons of Marxist ruling party’s self-construction and sums up its inherent laws on the whole.In the framework structure, it includes four parts in addition to introduction.The first part focuses on combing the development course of the ideological and theoretical building of the CPC and the CPV and comparing their similarities and differences,which studys from angles such as the background of the bipartisan ideological and theoretical building, the course of promoting the localization of Marxism,ways to push forward theoretical innovation and strengthening of the ideological and theoretical building and implementation mechanism.The second part analyzes the measures to strengthen the organization building of the CPV and the CPC and compares their similarities and focuses on parts which contains the background of the organizations construction of the two parties,ranks of party members building,contingent of cadres building,grass-roots party organizations building and the improvement of the party’s congress system.The third part combs the clean government measures of the two parties and compares their similarities and differences.It focuses on the background of honest government of the two parties, close ties measures between the party and the masses,the mechanism perfection of governance rot anti-corrosion.The fourth part emphasis on some points with regularity in Marxist ruling party’s self-construction emancipating the mind,improving the scientific level of the party building by innovating the theory,putting ability construction of govern as the main line and improving the party self-building,actively promoting inner-party democracy and party harmony,emphasising on clean government and maintaining close ties between the party and the masses,carrying forward the spirit of the age of reform and innovation and pushing forward party building.This article intends to compare the three component of self building of the two parties with multi-level and.multi-angle,then analyze the Universality and particularity of the two parties and conclude the Marxist ruling party’s self building experience and development trends,which is the innovation of this paper.Duing to the ability to control in this study,there are also some inadequacies.Such as the scope of comparison need to be extended and the micro-operational mechanism of self building of the two parties Lacks study. These problems need further efforts to study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ideological Construction, Organizational Building, The Party’s WorkStyle Building and The Fight Against Corruption, Marxist ruling party
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