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The Theory Of Primary And Middle School Campus Casualty School Civil Legal Responsibility

Posted on:2013-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R Q ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330377955965Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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The primary and secondary students are the hope of the motherland. They are not onlysensitive, but they are also fragile and very easy to be harmed. The campus is the mainplace for young students to learn and live a life. The students are active, and the campusis the crowded places. Many reasons lead campus accidents to be so common and sundry.With the growing numbers of the accidents, the requests which the students and theirparents make the school take responsibility in civil disputes are increasing.So this paper selected primary and secondary schools at different stages of thestudents as research subjects. Because the primary and secondary school students areminor. Some parts of them are the no capacity for civil conduct, and the others are thelimit capacity for civil conduct. Their intellectual and psychological are not fully mature,self-protection and characteristic are poor. So this paper focuses on the personal safety ofprimary and secondary students’ protection.This paper will distinguish between different types of different stages of the campusaccidents, and make the classification study. I choose the comparative study approachwhich learns the typical national legal systems and regulations, then find the reasonableparts. I try to establish the doctrines for Chinese current conditions throughdemonstration as the institutional basis. On the basis of combination of currentregulation and judicial practice, I will put forward new legislative proposals and reformmeasures. In order to ensure students’ smooth growth and take into account the interestsof all parties, this paper will give the reasonable definition of the school’s legal status andcivil liability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Campus accidents, Civil legal responsibility, Liability Principle
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