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Research For Administer Mass Event During The Social Transition Period

Posted on:2013-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395467423Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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China has entered a rapid social transformation period after openingand reforming, reform and development created a large number of socialproblems and contradictions while it gained huge success. Since the late90’s of the last century, the potential problems and contradictionsaccumulated during Modernization transformation began to erupt with theMass Event of such extreme intense forms, to the devastating effects ofgreater economic and social development. Based on the predecessors toresearch results, combined with the Mass Event in Wenzhou realmaterials, this paper studyed Mass Event in the transition period offorming reasons and countermeasures of deep source in a deep-going way.Social change will bring social contradictions, transition period Chinacontradiction conflict derived mainly from the superstructure change lagsbehind the economic basis for the development of; which made it difficultfor initial conflict resolution, such as inadequate social each code system, lagging social management and service system, not smooth channels ofexpression of mass appeal, low political participation, and so on; negativeand one-sided social psychology enabled the mass action to form moreeasier; informationization and globalization exacerbated the difficulty ofthe governance of local government control of Mass Event. Consequently,the governance of local government has to take a rational attitude towardsthe internal contradictions among the people, improve the credibility ofthe local government, strengthen the construction of the legal system toensure the legitimate rights and interests of the masses is in accordancewith the law, make the public decision-making standardized to reduceconflict risk, perfect system mechanism to fully resolve the contradictionsto resolve conflicts at the grass-roots level, expand and strengthen publicopinion supervision of information disclosure for the timely control ofpublic opinion; as a result, the unstable factors are to maximize digestion,people’s material and cultural needs are the greatest extent to meet.Ultimately, the Mass Event evolution is disintegrated, Mass Event iscontrolled from the source.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mass Event, contradictions among the people, administer, Wenzhou
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