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The Construction Of Rural Land Shares Of Cooperatives Legal System

Posted on:2013-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395470789Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Rural land shares of cooperatives was the land utilization way, that was practiced andcreated in the process of the reform and development of household contract-managementsystem. As the theoretical basis study on the land shares of cooperatives is weak as well asthe legal system, a series of problems are not solved in the development process of rural landshares of cooperatives, seriously impact the further development and grow of the land sharesof cooperatives.These paper put the rural land shares of cooperatives in the environment ofmodern agricultural construction process of marketization.Based on the analysis developmentpractice and legislative situation, indentify the main problems that facing the development ofthe rural land shares of cooperatives, and to put forward countermeasures and suggestions forbuilding the legal system of the rural land shares of cooperatives. The structure of the maintext is divided into four parts:The first part: introduction. First, interpret the connotation and the background of therural land shares of cooperatives. Then state the legal theory, policy conditions and legislativestatus of rural land shares of cooperatives.The second part: Internal governance structure and legal relations. Analysis of rural landshares of the cooperative’s internal organizational structure and governance mechanisms, andto find their internal legal relations, rights and obligations.The third part: Analysis of current development of Chinese rural land shares ofcooperatives system. Constitute income from shares, option configuration, the incomedistribution mechanism to explain the basic operation mode of the rural land shares ofcooperatives, be fully affirmed the positive significance of the agricultural development ofland shares of cooperatives. At the same time, identify the problems facing the developmentof rural land shares cooperatives under the existing legal framework.The forth part: Perfecting the legal system of Chinese rural land shares of cooperatives.For the system of Chinese rural land shares of cooperatives development as well as therelevant laws of the blank, propose amendments to relevant legislation to clear the legal statusof rural land shares of cooperatives, clear land shares of cooperative’s structure of propertyrights, regulate the management and operation mechanism of rural land shares of cooperativesand improve the risk mechanisms and the social security system, to build Chinese rural landshares of cooperatives legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Shares of Cooperatives, The Contractual Management Right of Rural Land, Legal System
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