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Study On Shares Of Rural Land Contracting Operation

Posted on:2012-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332498429Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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According to the overall present situation of our country's development of economy, the reforms of land system in our countryside is imperative, and how to strengthen the circulation of the right of operation of land contracted by peasants is in its topic righteousness. The right to land contractual management shares is quite novel and highly effective, and consistently in favor of the agricultural enlargement and modernization. The right to land contractual management shares refers to that for the development of agricultural economy, contractors will their rights as capital contribution, voluntarily transfer to stock company or farmer's cooperative economic organizations, engaged in cooperative agricultural operation, and obtain equity. From the related theory and practice, which can be seen is that the relevant legal theoretical research and concrete structure of system is still at the beginning stage. On one hand, at present our country has issued a relatively thorough law on farmers' professional cooperatives. On the other hand, there are a large amount of establishments of practice of agricultural corporation, taking local laws and regulations as instruction, lacking of uniform and perfectly systematic foundation, numerous laws and theoretical problems are resolved.This paper divides into three parts:the first part is summarize, mainly to the concepts and theories foundation introduction of The right to land contractual management shares. The second part mainly discuss he farmers' professional co-operatives basic connotation and legal status of provisions, as well as to specified in the collating and interpretation of main system, analyzes establishment principle, the shareholder's qualification, governance structure and surplus distribution system. And on the basis of achievement affirming its shortcomings.The third part is about the right to land contractual management shares of a agricultural corporation. In conjunction with the relevant local practice, This section analyses the agricultural company's equity system from two aspects:the ownership structure, equity flows, and clarifies the legal difficulties and solution of agricultural corporation...
Keywords/Search Tags:Right land contractual management, shares, farmer's professional cooperatives, agricultural corporation
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