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The Probe For System Of Chattels Ownership Reservation

Posted on:2013-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395488624Subject:(degree of civil and commercial law)
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In installment sale system of ownership reservation for the development of thecommodity economy made important contribution. However, our country present on thissystem, the relevant legal provisions scanty, in social practice, due to legal guidance isunknown, as agreed by the parties is unclear, resulting in a more real estate ownership’sretention of dispute. In this paper, the writing purpose, it is also hope to be able to solve thissystem provided clear dispute solve train of thought and method, look forward to this methodcan be applied to the practice of the dispute settlement.In the first chapter of this paper, the system to retain ownership of the general overview.Briefly introduces the system formation history, development, definition of the concept, valueand function, and the law system of our country system of ownership reservation in legislativecontext cleaning and analysis, so as to further knowledge of the relevant legal systemdeficiencies.In the second chapter, mainly related to the real estate ownership retention purchase rightconflict question of balance. The start address from social practice, two typical cases, analyzethe existing legal questions, judicial disputes. Then from inside and outside two respectsdiscuss, are parties to the allocation of rights, is the society third people and parties the rightconflict between the articles in the Senate, in domestic and international legal theory andcombined with the practice of our country actual, offerred relevant disputes problem to solvetrain of thought and method. Finally, in the train of thought on the basis of typical cases, theresponse analysis.In the third chapter, mainly involved in our country about publication system choice andcreation of problem. In a clear system of property announcement and publication system onthe basis of the relationship, combined with the overseas mature legislative analysis, thispaper chooses to chattel publication" registration antagonism". Finally, through sometechnical means for the legislation shortcomings make up slightly.
Keywords/Search Tags:The ownership reservation system, distribution of rights, conflict ofright, the public system
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