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The Legal Protection Of Network Privacy Under The Perspective Of Human Flesh Search Problem Research

Posted on:2013-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the daily development of computer and internet technology, the phenomenon of "human fresh search" upsurges on the internet. As a new type of information spreading media,"human fresh search" is born from virtual network but directly impacts on the real life. It not only takes an active role in providing free speech flat, supervision by public opinions, combating corruption and upholding justice, but also brings the new challenge to the protection of individual privacy. Walking between law and morality, this searching way poses great threaten to the private privacy. Since the events of "human fresh search" infringing upon privacy right frequently happen in practice, the legal protection on network privacy right should not be obliged.Being the extension of the privacy right as well as the important part in personality right, the network privacy right is not significantly different from the traditional privacy, and it should be strongly protected. However, under the current legal system, there is no particular law or special institution to protect the network privacy right. In view of the above, this essay starts from the phenomenon of "human fresh search", analyzes the "human fresh search" and the network privacy right, compares the solution on "human fresh search" and network privacy right in other countries, tries to find the shortage of our laws on protection of privacy right, and proposes the immature the suggestions in this regard.This essay will fall into four parts. The first part of this essay will mainly present the concept, current status and social function of "human fresh search", compared with traditional searching engine. In the second part, this essay will discuss the implication of privacy right and internet privacy right, meanwhile introduce behavioral pattern, main body, constitution requirements,and legal liability of infringement to internet privacy right by "human fresh search". In the third part, this essay will introduce current status and deficiencies of internet privacy protection of our country through comparatively analyze other countries’internet privacy right protection models. Last but not least, learning from and comparing developed countries’practical experience, this essay will assume own ideas and conceptions on our countries’internet privacy right protection model.
Keywords/Search Tags:human fresh search, internet privacy right, tort liability, protection models
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