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A Study On The Thought Of The Government Image Of Mao Zedong

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395491442Subject:Marxism in China
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A good image of government has huge appeal and cohesion, is a significant resources andintangible wealth a government owned, but also the prerequisite for the role of government. Becausethe crisis of China at the beginning of the twentieth Century, there is an urgent need to represent theinterests of the people of strong favorable government image lacking spirit of cooperation,integration of Chinese society, the cohesion of the people to overcome the crisis, achieve the modernnational independence and liberation of the two major historical tasks. In order to Mao Zedong asthe representative of the older generation proletariat revolutionist, in leader China revolution andconstruction process, will Marx’s proletarian political power image theory and the practice ofChinese revolution, ideal for civilian government image made comprehensive ideas and put theminto practice, created the unprecedented in the history of China put one’s heart and soul into servingthe people of the new people’s the government image, changed the political class government onlyfor the interests of the minority nature, by the broad masses of the people support and love andesteem.The main part of this paper try to use the " why, what, how to do, how" logical structure fromthe forming conditions, main contents of Mao Zedong thought of government image,ways ofcreating, historical status in four aspects of Mao Zedong as the representative of the older generationproletariat revolutionaries how to creatively developed Marx ’s Theory of the proletarian state powerimage, according to China’s special historical conditions, shaped a new people’s government image, as well as the study of Mao Zedong Thought of government of current our country governmentimage reconstruction and improvement of the significance of.First of all, Mao Zedong Thought on government image forming condition. The article thinks,any thought formation are both subjective and objective conditions the result of joint action,adoption of external causes play a role. Thus, Marx classical writer about proletarian political powerimage is Mao Zedong Thought on government image the theoretical source of Chinese traditionalculture; humanistic thought of Mao Zedong ’s service concept formation has great effect;Jiang Jieshi and the failure of Kuomintang government image caused by lack of morale and lax, hostilegovernment from Mao Zedong government image thought lesson; Mao Zedong himself to the idealgovernment pursuit is the image of the government thought the subjective conditions.Secondly, the image of the government is the main content of Mao Zedong thought. Accordingto the three elements of the image of the government, namely the government idea, behavior andperformance, combing Mao Zedong thought put one’s heart and soul into the image of thegovernment for the people service value idea; honest, democratic, fair conduct; real maintenance andthe fundamental interests of the people policy target. In addition, this paper argues that, due to Chinain modern times is facing the two major historical task, as well as from late Qing Dynasty to theJiang Jieshi government on corruption, foreign ineffective, Mao Zedong that people’s Government inthe cohesion of the people and remolding of national image importance, so the leader of the people’sGovernment of the image and international image making the unremitting exploration.Again, on Mao Zedong shaping people’s government image the way. Mao Zedong shaping people’s government image by a lot of measure, and different stages have different emphases. Thischapter mainly analyzes closely, Mao Zedong shaping people’s government image of the four mainapproaches, namely through ideological education, orientation of government image spirit; the styleconstruction, normative government image behavior; through publicity, guide the image ofgovernment policy goals; through the honest government construction, improve the image of thegovernment ’s institutional framework.Finally, I according to the historical materialism to objective analysis of Mao Zedong Thoughtof government image the historical position of Mao Zedong thought, idea and way from two aspectsto construct the socialist construction of China government image the theoretical basis for later,government image of perfection and remodeling provide important guidance and reference. On theother hand also in the process of the exploration made mistakes, have damaged the image of Partyand government. These achievements and lessons, still on the Chinese political and social lifeproduced tremendous effect. Whenever the government image, Mao Zedong ’s basic valueorientation is worth affirmation.
Keywords/Search Tags:the thought of the government image of Mao Zedong thought, put one’s heart andsoul into government service for the people, honest and clean, democracy, justice
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