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Research On The Three-dimensional Geometry In Senior School

Posted on:2013-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395471597Subject:Mathematics education
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Three-dimensional geometry is one of the most important parts in the math learningin the high school and it is also difficult for the students to learn. Many students havelittle spatial imaginary ability. They can’t understand the drawing. Even they can’t inferand prove with the math language with good flexibility. Three-dimensional geometryholds a large proportion in college entrance examination every year, but the students canjust have a low scoring rate. It proves that it is difficult for the students to learnthree-dimensional geometry. Meanwhile it also proves that teachers have a series ofproblems in current teaching. So the teachers must urgently solve the problems abouthow to explain something to the students about solid geometry, how the students learnsolid geometry and how the students can get good results. Meanwhile, three-dimensionalgeometry can develop the students’ ability of spatial imagination, logic reasoning,abstract thinking, analogy and induction etc. It is meaningful for the educators to solvethe problems about the value and function of education. So, many educators do muchresearch in three-dimensional geometry.This paper is divided into a total of five parts. The first part is the introduction. It isthe summary about the background, purpose, significance, methods and the presentsituation at home and abroad; The second part is about the relation between planegeometry and three-dimensional geometry based on transfer of learning.Three-dimensional geometry is based on plane geometry. The third part is about someteaching strategies about three-dimensional geometry. It is mainly about the situationalapproach, the application of multimedia technology in teaching, the application ofmathematical language in teaching and vector method; The fourth part is the case studyunder the guidance of teaching mode for the teaching of solid geometry effect. The fifthpart is about conclusion and recommendations. I hope my ideas can be helpful to thethree-dimensional geometry curriculum development. Meanwhile, I hope most of theteachers attach great importance to the teaching of three-dimensional geometry and usethe proper teaching strategies. Besides, the teachers should create a variety of situationsto develop the students’ spatial imagination and the ability of logical reasoning. If theteachers can do these, they can improve the students’ mathematical literacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:High students, Plane geometry, Three-dimensional geometry, Teaching strategies, Three-dimensional geometry teaching
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