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The Research And Practice Of Junior Middle School Plane Geometry Teaching Design Under The Background Of Geometry Drawing Board

Posted on:2018-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper is devoted to the study of the Geometer's Sketchpad drawing tool to promote junior high school mathematics in plane geometry knowledge teaching, in the course of the study, I mainly through the use of Geometric Sketchpad in practical teaching in the course of their study. In this paper I mathematics textbooks by people's education press. Published as the basis, from the students started to learn some knowledge of plane geometry, using the Geometer's Sketchpad drawing tools to assist the teaching of plane geometry knowledge. In this paper I mainly explain oneself is how to use the Geometer's Sketchpad to assist my teaching in the usual teaching process, including geometry, linear ray, with the line, compared with the operation angle, angle and angle, intersecting lines and parallel lines, alternate angles on vertex corresponding angles, and the interior angles on the same side, parallel lines,translation, three angle, axial symmetry, flat For the quadrilateral and the circle. In explaining these plane geometry knowledge, I basically use the Geometer's Sketchpad drawing software in the classroom for students to demonstrate or let myself with multimedia teaching equipment to study the content.Through several years of continuous efforts, my own teaching level has been a qualitative leap in the process of teaching to make their teaching more interesting, and the students in my class have received success and joy goods. Students in my class receiving traditional teaching way before incompetence how to do, focus on the traditional way of teaching is the teacher in the class teaching, all the knowledge hard plug to the students, the students in the classroom receiving happiness. At the same time, the traditional way of teaching on students thinking development has certainlimitations. Because of this with the Geometer's Sketchpad to assist junior high school plane geometry knowledge the teaching is the background of curriculum reform is represent the general trend, in twenty-first Century an all teachers must take the way of teaching. So it is particularly important to the study of this paper, it has pointed out the direction for teaching me to study with. Also for other teachers teaching as a reference, so that they use the Geometer's Sketchpad to teaching, can take some detours. The Geometer's Sketchpad in the classroom to assist teachers in plane geometry knowledge teaching, the teachers become more demanding, the teacher should possess the knowledge ability, also need to the teacher must have the ability to use computers. Therefore, the plane geometry knowledge all need to use the Geometer's Sketchpad assisted instruction to use the most simple language to produce,can learn from other teachers to assist their teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Geometer's Sketchpad, auxiliary teaching, multimedia equipment plane, geometry, thinking ability
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