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Design And Implementation Of Weighing Machine Management System

Posted on:2013-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G S YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330392953165Subject:Software engineering
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This article is based on Tianjin Pipe(Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as TPCO)production and operation characteristics, in-depth study process of material receiving,products shipped and internal products transferring, analyzing weighing process and the needof measuring management,on the basis of innovative management ideas, design anddevelopment a remote centralized mode of operation weighing machine managementinformation system. It makes full use of networking, database, audio and video, infrareddetection technology and so on.The system includes a remote centralized weighing operation (core business module),remote centralized video monitoring (auxiliary technical means), data processing (includingelectronic settlement processing), the IC cards management, system maintenance and so on.Revamping the existing operators in the weighing station native24-hour attended truck andrailroad track scale, make it24-hour unattended. All operators weigh through the network inthe Hall. The system automatically assigns the task of weighing. The new weighing way ishigh efficiency, fewer weighing staff, and can be embedded a variety of technical meanspreventing traditional weighing cheating.Remote centralized weighing operation subsystem is core subsystems of weighingbusiness process. The operator gets tasks from task queue. The system reads the IC card. Theoperator recognizes image or entry vehicle license number through the subsystem, collection astable gross weight and tare after stable display, complete weighing business as a whole, andautomatically print weighing certificate.Remote centralized video surveillance subsystem provides technical support for corebusiness subsystems, by means of voice and video to guide drivers to operate correctly theterminals, aided checked operators who view, verify vehicle, driver and license number,vehicle parking locations whether there is abnormal behavior, monitors vehicle queues andtraffic around the weighing station.The data processing subsystem is responsible for measurement data processing, handling,storage, statistical analysis, efficient display and query, reporting, and a variety of ways. Itmanages weighing certificate, such as audits, publishing of electronic bills.The IC card management subsystem is responsible for card initialization and encryptionprocessing, card issuance, report the loss and recovery management.The maintenance subsystem is responsible for basic data maintenance, user permissionsmanagement and disposal of abnormal events.The system is successfully running online after several stages of business research, needs analysis, preliminary design, detailed design, testing and deployment. It verifies the design ofthis paper is successful. The result has already reached the target of design. It makesenterprise farewell low efficiency of traditional weighing way, increase efficiency; enhancethe management level; integrating information and business, to achieve a true sense of theremote centralized metering.
Keywords/Search Tags:Weighing Machine, Unattended Weighing Station, Remote Weighing, Centralized Monitoring, Task Queue, Anti-cheating
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