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Realization And Study On Key Technology Of Automatic Weighing And Anti-cheating In Networked Transportation & Sale Systems

Posted on:2011-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332983496Subject:Computer application technology
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With the rapid development of computer networks, network-based system with its modular business processes, with real-time, fast, information sharing, which enables remote control and distributed management and other advantages, are widely used in industrial production, traffic control in all areas of the national economy. Network control and management system, the network reflects the real-time, fast, information sharing and other advantages, break through the traditional system of time and geographical constraints, effectively reducing the information collection, data transmission and data processing time, and a save resources, improve efficiency and energy savings of the macro-control objectives. Remote control and distributed management, reducing cross-boundary spatial distance between the various departments, making the business management and system maintenance easy and efficient. Modular business processes to make business processing clear and straightforward, easy to expand, reliable, good stability. A large number of facts have proved that the industry off the network system, the rapid development of the national economy has an important role in promoting.Thesis based on cross-regional large-scale production and management company in the status of the goods distribution business, network marketing for automatic weighing control and anti-cheat system functional requirements, in-depth study of the distribution system to automatically load control and anti-cheat key technologies Main activities include:an overview of the network system development and status quo; elaborated network and anti-cheat system for automatic weighing the needs and significance; gives truck and rail system of weighting system framework and program design, described in detail Truck and rail automatic weighing scale data collection method, anti-fraud approach, software technology.Automatic Weighing and distribution network anti cheat system to meet the cross-regional large-scale production and sales company in the business management needs and achieve the production and management of real-time, accurate and efficient, avoiding the possible occurrence of cheating behavior improve the production and management efficiency. The system not only improves the production and operating efficiency, but also makes business leaders to grasp at any time the implementation of marketing plans for the leaders to provide reliable information management decision. Network marketing anti cheat system for automatic weighing and the development of enterprises, improve core competitiveness of enterprises have great role in promoting the national economy sectors involved in the marketing business and has extensive application value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network marketing system, Automatic-weighing, Anti-cheating, Data acquisition, Truck and railway scale
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