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The Design And Implementation Of The Real-time Monitoring System Of Snow Accumulating Based On Single Chip Microcomputer Technology And Wireless Communication Technology

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As human attention to global climate change, weather data collection methodshave gradually by manual observation into automatic observation, coupled with theresearchers and research institutes are the urgent needs of the wireless monitoring ofThe bad environment and remote areas, making the remote environmental monitoringsystem has become a hotapplication. Papers typical watershed in the Northern TianshanMountain snow-frozen water thermal coupling financial aquatic convergencemechanism as the basis, The Design and Implementation of the Real-time MonitoringSystem of Snow Accumulating based on Single Chip Microcomputer Technology andWireless Communication Technology.After years of manual observation and the snow collected data to compare andanalyze and identify a greater impact on the parameters of melting snow. The designcombines laboratory sensor types, the selection of the main indicators of wind direction,wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture and otherobjects as the system data acquisition.The design uses MC56F8013microcontroller as the the acquisition node controllercore processing chip, get through peripheral circuit design and wind speed, winddirection, solar radiation, soil temperature and soil moisture sensor access interfacedesign, to achieve the automatic data collection; the design uses two types ofshort-range wireless transmission module (UTC-4432B1, Power UTC-4432-T500E)and remote wireless module (GPRS DTU), by means of distance hybrid with short andremote data transmission to collection of data acquisition node for wirelesstransmission; according to hardware design and wireless transmission, develop asoftware for PC data reception, and make use of Microsoft Office Access database forreceiving data storage, and realize the hypogyny machine communication control ofacquisition time. The test of the performance of the system: The system can be completed inaccordance with the design requirements affect snow melt Data Acquisition and datawireless transmission. The entire system is stable, the host computer receives the dataintegrity is also good. Use of the system is conducive to the realization of the impact ofsnow melt parameters weather, full-time-based monitoring, to facilitate the analysis ofsnowmelt snow dynamic changes, for typical watershed in northern slope of Tianshansnow-frozen water thermal coupling financial the aquatic convergence mechanismresearch to provide data protection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Snow Monitoring, Data Acquisition, GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), Wireless Transmission, MC56F8013, Single chip microcomputer technology
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