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Research On The Influences Of The Fiscal China Decentralization To The Local Governments Behavior

Posted on:2013-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330395951766Subject:Government Economics
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As a symbol of the1994tax system reform, China’s fiscal decentralization isimplemented. Fiscal decentralization is a separation of financial authority and powers,which give local governments more autonomy of decision-making power,whichgreatly inspired the enthusiasm of the local government development of localeconomies. But with the fiscal decentralization, including a number of disadvantagesalso will be exposed. Narrative on the basis of the theory of fiscal decentralization andgovernment action, a detailed analysis of China’s fiscal decentralization status andfiscal decentralization of local government behavior changes after verificationthrough empirical analysis and game theory analysis of the fiscal decentralization theimpact of the behavior of the local government and local government and centralgovernment relationship, the final results of the analysis, combined with China’sactual conditions, to put forward suggestions for reasonable decentralization, andregulate local government behavior.This paper first describes the background, significance, researchmethodology,and innovation of this paper. Second look at a detailed description ofthis theory,mainly related to the theory of fiscal decentralization, as well as the theoryof government behavior. Again discussed in detail the development process of fiscaldecentralization in China. The two papers to take over part of the paper werediscussed in detail the current situation of China’s fiscal decentralization and localgovernment and central government fiscal revenue and expenditure in the fiscaldecentralization; According to this part of the data, using regression analysis methodto verify the impact of fiscal decentralization for local government behavior, focusingprimarily on the income and expenditure scale and balance of payment structure, andthe use of game theory to analyze the relationship between change sin the central andlocal governments under the system of fiscal decentralization. The last part of thethesis is the policy recommendations put forward suggestions for the powers of areasonable division of property rights, improve the official promotion mechanism,improve laws and regulations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fiscal decentralization, Tax distribution, The behavior of localgovernments, Fiscal revenue and expenditure
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