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Small And Medium-sized Commercial Banks Loan Pricing For Unlisted Small And Medium-sized Enterpirse Customers

Posted on:2013-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Enterprises of small and medium-sized play an important role in China’s national economicdevelopment. It is the market competition mechanism of real participants and reflection, which is animportant source of scientific and technological innovation; on the other hand, enterprises of small andmedium-sized and the people closely related to production and life, which led the construction of aharmonious society and the realization of the goal of hope. However, the financing of enterprises ofsmall and medium-sized is not optimistic. According to the people’s Bank of data display,till the twelfthmonth of2011, the loans in RMB and foreign exchanges in various forms in all financial institutionsreached54,790million billion. Major financial institutions and rural cooperative financial institutions,city credit cooperatives and foreign bank loans to enterprises of small and medium-sized (includingdiscount) balance of21,770million billion, which accounted for only39.73percents.This paper will first discuss the meaning of commercial banks of small and medium-sized,according above, make analysis of the current situation of loan pricing, at the same time, analysis thereason of the current situation on the point view of commercial banks of small and medium-sized.Next,this paper will combine the characteristics of commercial bank credit business, clear and definite themeaning of loan pricing, analyze its factors from commercial bank.Made summary and evaluation ofcost plus method, bench mark interest rate pricing method, interest rate pricing、cost and profit pricingmethod, based on the risk adjusted return of loan pricing method, which is in common used, makesummary evaluation on the characteristics and applicable scope.After contrasting, we can come to theconclusion safely that KMV default model for credit risk, which is combined with on risk-adjustedpricing model, is appropriated for commercial banks of small and medium-sized to enterprises of smalland medium-sized on loan pricing.KMV default model for credit risk is an useful method on estimating of the borrowing enterprisedefault probability in view of the listed small and medium-sized enterprises specialized, which is raisedin1997. KMV default model for credit risk reverse an angle on the research of bank loaning:take intoconsideration on the repaying of loans from borrowing venture. In the case of fixed liabilities, Thecredit risk of loan depends on market value of asset on debtors, which also depends distance to defaultof borrowing ventures. At last, the credit risk of loan make influences on default probabilities ofborrowing ventures. On the basement of predecessors’ researches, my papers will probe into KMVdefault model for credit risk, such as based principle、main ideas、 assumed condition and so on. Then,against the characters of non marketable enterprises of small and medium-sized, such as small size ofasset, big size of investment return variance,difficult to obtain the data and so on, utilize KMV defaultmodel for credit risk, with the aids of some accounting information and targeted value,which couldreflect the borrower enterprises characteristics,replace some important variables of KMV default modelfor credit risk. At the same time, take an empirical test by the credit business cases of a commercialbank of western city, expound and prove its availabilities. At last, offer related proposal, which isdirected against the problems of my papers.
Keywords/Search Tags:banks of small and medium sized commercial, enterprises of small andmedium-sized, KMV default model for credit risk, distance to default, probability of default
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