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The Transmission Of Surface Plasma Femtosecond Pulse

Posted on:2013-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M MaoFull Text:PDF
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This paper mainly studies the surface plasma induced by femtosecond pulse inthe propagating process, the pulse waveform in different conditions of broadeningand compression. Focus on group velocity dispersion, loss and dispersion on pulsewaveform affected by two factors, each offset surface plasma femtosecond pulse inthe process of spreading waveform unchanged condition. Finally add the nonlinearoptical effects, using nonlinear optical to adjust pulse stretching and compression.This paper first uses the Maxwell equation deduced from the surface plasmawave in metal and the nonlinear medium dispersion relation, and analyzes theinfluence of different factors on the dispersion relation.Then the dispersion relations for the foundation, through the surface plasmawave femtosecond pulse in the process of spreading spectrum change, calculated thepulse broadening and compression. Through observation and analysis results, weget the pulse waveform in the process of propagation constant conditions.Then we adjust train of thought, join the optical nonlinearity on the surfaceplasmon effects, using finite difference time domain method to calculate the peakvalue of strength surface plasma of femtosecond laser pulse in nonlinear opticaleffect, the waveform of the stretching and compression, this paper discusses how touse the optical nonlinear control waveform changes; in addition, we also find thatthe surface plasma wave femtosecond pulse compression in the waveform, pulsepeak intensity is greatly improved, this shows we can use optical nonlinear effects,"positive feedback" rise of femtosecond pulse peak intensity.This article from the angle of the two surface plasmon femtosecond pulsetransmission, through this discussion we can get the clear pulse waveformunchanged, and how to change the waveform and pulse peak intensity method.These findings on the surface plasma induced by femtosecond pulse in thedissemination of information and the application of surface plasmon polaritons innonlinear optical field of study has important significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:surface plasmon femtosecond pulse, group velocity dispersion, lossof dispersion, pulse waveform, optical nonlinearity
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