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Research On The Location Technology Using The Dual Channel TDOA And FDOA

Posted on:2014-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330401452773Subject:Navigation, guidance and control
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The high-precision method of FDOA (Frequency Difference of Arrival) and TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) location is the key technology on the field of satellite location. With the rapid development of the technology on domestic satellite navigation and location, it has been more widely used in civil and military fields. Therefore, the study of the high-precision method of FDOA and TDOA location has the important theoretical significance and application value. The article studies the technology which is based on the method of the dual-channel FDOA measurement and joint TDOA FDOA location in the context of the double-star location. The main contents are as follows:A study, a new high-precision method of Doppler FDOA measurement, is based on single channel Doppler frequency. The method gets the baseband FDOA of the Doppler frequency and fuzzy number by two channel data and the slope of the envelope. And based on the baseband FDOA and fuzzy number, we get the result of the dual-channel, high-precision Doppler FDOA measurement.This paper simulates, tests and analyses the common single-frequency signal, LFM signal, binary phase encoded signal, quadrature phase encoded signal with the method of dual-channel, high-precision Doppler FDOA measurement. And it verifies the effectiveness of the method. It simulates the program with the conditions of jitter of the signal, different signal-to-noise ratio and the number of pulses.The research introduces the principle of TDOA location, FDOA location and the conversion formula of the space coordinate system. And it provides the theoretical foundation for the joint TDOA FDOA location.The article introduces the principle of the joint TDOA FDOA location, and it studies the method of Double-Star joint TDOA FDOA location with the precise FDOA and TDOA parameter. FDOA location can compensate for the defects of the TDOA location. Thus, it can improve the precision of TDOA location.
Keywords/Search Tags:FDOA, TDOA, Doppler Frequency, Dual Channel Signal, Joint TDOA FDOA Location
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