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Research Method Of Fluid Recognition Of Denseness Sandstone Reservoir

Posted on:2014-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2250330401480762Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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"The tarim piedmont fracture glutenite reservoir logging technology research"for petrochina tarim oilfield branch set up of outsourcing project, And petrochina "twelfth five" one of the special research project of the research content, From the Yangtze university school of Geophysics and oil resources shall be liable for. The paper is one of the research content. With in-depth development of oil and gas industry, Large bulk high hole high permeability sandstone reservoirs is more and more difficult to find, In recent years, As the logging technology and the development of oil and gas exploration and development technology, Many domestic oilfields have been made significant breakthrough in exploration of crack-hole type carbonate rock salt and igneous rock oil and gas reservoir, Found a significant oil and gas geological reserves.But, For sandstone fractured reservoir logging evaluation method and technology is the unsolved problem.A located in KeShen southern zone of kuche depression crassus tectonic belt, Crassus tectonic belt is the second row anticline tectonic belt of south tianshan the south and the north rim of in baicheng sag tectonic belt, the tectonic belt is a very enrichment of oil and gas gathering Of nearly east-west distribution. Crassus on longitudinal tectonic belt consists of a series of thrust nappe fault control from north to south, crassus Main fracture is a fault of steep down slowly. Tarim kuqa and south-western piedmont region purpose layer buried deep, High temperature and pressure formation, lithology complex, Mainly for the density fractured glutenite reservoir, Drilling coring less, Logging data to identify oil and gas layer and fracture effectiveness evaluation is difficult. This topic research is to establish the logging interpretation model of tarim piedmont region and standards, Correct evaluation of reservoir parameters and identify oil and gas reservoir.Research work area purpose layer of cretaceous is given priority to lithology of fine feldspar lithic sandstone and lithic quartz sandstone, a small amount of fine lithic sandstone. Physical properties belongs to low porosity low permeability and very low porosity,very low permeability reservoir. The best physical property is the fine and fine medium grained and medium grained sandstone,This is the main reservoir layer. Work area is given priority to oblique fractures and high Angle fracture, And the density of glutenite fracture developing probability is higher. Established by the calculated porosity, permeability and core permeability model calculation of porosity and permeability compared their consistency is very good. To meet the demand of exploration and development and geological engineering in work area purpose layer flow identify adopts to the following researchs:(1)POR-RT intersection method could image, intuitive distinction gas and water layer, And half quantitatively determine the water saturation. But the change of rock electrical parameters and formation water resistivity of instability affect its accuracy.(2) Reflect the changes in gas water resistivity and acoustic logging value of changes porosity to establish gas and water layer of the judgment standard could more accurate identification of gas, water and division gas, water index standard. Can effectively improve production capacity. This method is limited to relatively pure gas and water layer.(3)Three porosity identify gas has certain limitations, combined with the feature of fluid index can better identify gas reservoirs.(4) the p and s wave velocity ratio can qualitative indicator gas, In A tight sandstone formation the application effect is good. But at the same time also want to consider P and S wave velocity ratio by the lithology, physical property, such as all kinds of factor influence.(5) fluid compressibility can be quantitative or semi-quantitative distinguish between water and gas or oil and gas layer.It Can effectively improve reservoir production capacity. But the medium influence the determination of compressibility. Synthesis methods can effectively identify gas establish log interpretation standards.
Keywords/Search Tags:Low porosity low permeability, Por permeability saturation model, Fluid recognition
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