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Assessment Method Research Of The Image Quality Influence On Image Compression

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422461265Subject:Resources and Environment Remote Sensing
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With the development of aerospace remote sensing technology, the image data quantityof remote sensing satellite is more and more larger. Subject to the limitations of the on-boardstorage capacity and the satellite downlink bandwidth, the efficient data compressiontechnique must be used to reduce the amount of data. Compressed image quality is bound todecline, it is directly related to the application ability and the application of the scope ofremote sensing image data, so evaluates the quality of the compressed image is a veryimportant practical significance thing.This article focuses on the conformation quality and the geometric quality of thecompression remote sensing image to launches quality evaluation, and uses the images ofaerospace and other data to carry out the experiment, the main contents are as follows:1) The development of remote sensing satellite and typical high resolution remote sensingsatellites are introduced; The development of compression technology and the typicalcompression algorithm are introduced; The significance, the assessment content and thedevelopment status of the quality evaluation on the compressed image are introduced.2) On the conformation quality, the subjective quality evaluation methods, image characteranalysis and image contrast analysis of the objective conformation quality evaluation areintroduced; The conformation quality evaluation model based on structure similarity isintroduced. On the geometric quality evaluation, the two methods of based on DSM precisionassessment and based on image matching precision assessment are introduced.3) The different types of compressed aerospace remote sensing images data are taken toevaluate the conformation quality and the geometric quality. Through the experiments, theinfluence of the different compression algorithms and the different compression ratio of theconformation quality and the geometric quality on the compressed image are analysed.
Keywords/Search Tags:compressed image, subjective quality evaluation, the conformation qualityevaluation, the geometric quality evaluation, quality evaluation
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