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Research On Key Technologies In Stratum Modeling Using Multi-scale Borehole Data

Posted on:2014-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q JiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422461675Subject:Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
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3D stratum modeling is the important content of geological research, and based on themain data source of the drilling data of shallow stratum three-dimensional modeling is one ofthe hot spots, which has important research value.Around the topic of3D stratum modeling, this paper based on the multi-scaleexploratory study of borehole data, which analysis deeply the3D model, spatial interpolationmethods and the three-dimensional GIS technology connotation of development, in order tomake some progress on the3D strata modeling. First, the commonly used3D model andstratum modeling method, combined with the existing data and the actual situation, to findsuitable modeling method, as to provide theoretical basis for3D stratum modeling. Secondly,classifying and counting existing multi-scale borehole data, by the method of spaceexploration, the paper has selected the appropriate sample set which participates in the3Dstrata modeling, at the same time to join the virtual borehole values extracted from geologicalprofile, and then select the commonly used spatial interpolation method for interpolation, andfrom the angle of error comparison and regression analysis to verify the optimal interpolationmethod. Again, to build3D stratum model, this paper has selected appropriate spatialinterpolation method, used TIN and Multipatch technology to build xi’an3D stratum model.Finally, in order to integrate and analyze the model, this paper has designed and implemented3D stratum visualization prototype system, in order to integrate and analyze the model. Thissystem has provided the3D scene browsing, spatial analysis, attribute query, and otherfunctions, satisfying the basic needs of3D stratum model visualization and application.From those explorations of the key technology of3D stratum modeling based onmulti-scale drilling data, the paper made some progresses:1. It Implements the stratigraphic classification and the introduction of the virtualborehole. For3D stratum modeling, stratigraphic division is important basis of borehole datapreprocessing. Stratum modeling and geological profile is an indispensable auxiliary materials,extract the virtual borehole to complete, verify stratum modeling has important significance and reference value.2. Choose the appropriate spatial interpolation method based on space exploration. Thispaper has used the normal inspection, trend analysis, half the variation analysis of explorationdrilling sample set, through the several means of spatial interpolation method commonly usedfor drilling data interpolation, the error test, and regression analysis will be ordinary kriginginterpolation method as the best stratum modeling method of interpolation.3. Based on drilling data, it has completed the3D stratum of xi ’an. With each discretedrilling data on the ground as a data source, stratigraphic level model and formation model isset up respectively.4. Based on component object technology and TerraDeveloper component library,prototype system has been set up.3D stratum visualization prototype system has beendesigned and completed, which is used to verify the method and recreate the modeling results.
Keywords/Search Tags:3D stratum modeling, multi-scale, borehole, key technology
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