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Research On Testing Effect Of Grouting Technique For Mine Goaf In Nan-Qin Railway Using Complex Geophysical Prospecting

Posted on:2015-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330428476150Subject:Geological Engineering
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Drilling and sampling is a method that is widely used in engineering construction and investigation, and one use of it is to test the effect of grouting technique. But it has some limitations, resulting that the test result is not that perfect and leaving potential threats for engineering construction. In such context, complex geophysical prospecting method gradually arises with the development of computer technology, making it possible and necessary to test the effect of grouting technique using this method. Complex geophysical prospecting can be used to test the scope and effect of grouting technique, because it deals with the geological problem based on the variation of geophysical field.Consider the mine goaf in Nan-Qin Railway for example,this paper explores the application of complex geophysical prospectingto testing the effect of grouting technique. Firstly, the effect is tested using direct current depth sounding method, transient Rayleigh surface wave,seismic wave computed tomography(CT) technology, electromagnetic wave computerized tomography (CT) technology in order, then the results are analyzed and assessment for the quality of goaf strengthening is obtained. Grouting technique is an invisible method, and the effect of grouting is difficult to test in general, for example, the extent of filling for gap in stratum, the scope of diffusion of the slurry and so on. This paper addresses this problem using the complex geophysical prospecting method.The results suggest that apparent resistivity, surface wave velocity, velocity of longitudinal wave and absorption coefficient significantly improved after grouting in the experimental section, in addition, several regional anomalies also disappeared after the grouting. These results reflect that grouting technique for the mine goal is a valid method, and good effect has been obtained.
Keywords/Search Tags:testing for grouting technique, Complex geophysical prospecting
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