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Research On The Database Intelligentization Of Electromagnetic Transient For Tunnel Geological Prediction

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330428476246Subject:Bridge and tunnel project
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Thinking about of the advance of geological prediction in tunnel has a good effect on the detection of water bearing low resistance body in karst water rich region, the transient electromagnetic method will be more and more accepted and widely used. On the one hand, with the development of numerical methods, that three-dimensional modeling results were obtained through numerical simulation of transient electromagnetic method will become a reality; on the othehand, twenty-first century as the century of the development of the tunnel, tunnel construction entered a substantial increase in the number of periods, forecast examples will be more and more. Massivedata generated for transient electromagnetic database intelligent inversion and perfect provides rich conditions.This thesis summarizes research in the foundation of before scholars, according to numerical simulation and a lot of experimental data, analysis of the diffusion and attenuation law of the transient electromagnetic response signal of the low resistance body in air, conductive host, the low resistivity body in conducting rock, discuss the effect of geoelectric parameters of adverse geological on the front of the tunnel face on the transient electromagnetic anomalies response; and use it to explore the possibility of intelligent transient electromagnetic inversion implemented on the database platform.Overall, this paper carried out research work in the following areas mainly:1) systematic summary of the various database platforms. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different databases from all aspects, choose the best match database platform and the corresponding development of language tools for the research questions in this paper.2) Numerical simulation of transient electromagnetic response of the whole space, comparative analysis of the similarities and differences of the three transient electromagnetic response of the low resistance body in air, conductive host, the low resistivity body in conducting rock, summarized the diffusion and attenuation law of their transient electromagnetic response signal.3) On the basis of numerical simulation, multivariate sensitivity analysis to explore the sensitivity of the transient electromagnetic anomaly response of the two common types of adverse geological to the various parameters of adverse geological bodies.4) sensitivity analysis of the factors puts forward the method of by continuously adjusting the most sensitive parameters to the transient electromagnetic response to gradually approaching the actual geological structure, describing the mechanism of transient electromagnetic database intelligent inversion and the inversion process.5) the development of’Intelligent Inversion System of Transient electromagnetic Database", describes its organizational structure and function realization.Through this paper, the study of transient electromagnetic intelligence database, will help achieve precise inversion, of importance in guiding the tunnel construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:database intelligentization, sensitivity analysis, numerical simulation of thewhole space
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