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Effect Of Rice Straw Dissolved Organic Matter On The High Copper PIG Into The Field Of Composting

Posted on:2013-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330398492965Subject:Agricultural extension
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With our continuous improvement of living standards, people meat, milk demand increases every year, greatly promoted the development of aquaculture, in order to pigskin Maoguang Liang, improve the proportion of lean pork, China has formed a high-copper feeding the cycle of pigs. As the "body" of events such as the outbreak of swine, the meat product safety people cause a lot of attention, and their possible impact on the environment concerns, little studied. Wencheng is a growing industry, aquaculture Goes county, locally produced rice (Single Season), enriched rice, pork, rabbit, local farmers as the main source of income. Therefore, based on the county as a pilot has important practical significance.In this paper, Sanyang Village Wencheng sample of ecological farms, in order to promote pig growth rate and appearance, farmers follow the guidance of technicians, the use of high copper diet feeding pigs. Intestinal absorption of heavy metals due to the limited efficiency, there will be90%of the Cu2+directly with the pig, pig urine. Habits of the surrounding farms directly to farmers as organic fertilizer into the surrounding rice fields. With the popularity of gas stoves, most of the rice straw was field directly.The decomposition of rice will have a lot of dissolved organic matter (DOM), according to previous studies showed that the adsorption of Cu2+,DOM parsing will have some impact. To determine the Cu2+in the environment may produce changes in behavior, conducted two experiments:First, by grouping experiments, with the added content of different feed Cu90-day feeding pigs, pigs of each group samples of feces, check the Cu2+content. Second, the interior sub-stage experiments, the first by chemical analysis, the degradation of rice straw during the dynamic changes of DOM, further study of rice straw produced in different stages of decomposition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the yellow bar on the Cu mud adsorption-desorption behavior. The results showed that:1, increasing Cu content in the feed, hog feces in the copper content increased. And90%of the fecal excretion of copper will vary.2, DOM in the yellow bar mud samples from0to91days without significant change. However, mud+straw yellow bar samples dissolved organic carbon (DOC) content of between0to3days was significantly decreased7days later is still slow decline.35days to stabilize.3, if the direct high copper manure as fertilizer, the large number of free states into the Cu into the farmland, while the decomposition of rice straw into the soil (decomposed liquids) of farmland in the copper ions have a direct impact analysis. Cu adsorption and desorption in the soil is directly correlated with the DOM.0days to join the DOM, significantly inhibited Cu absorption in the yellow mud tendons and promote desorption, and several other stages of the control and the impact of DOM there are significant differences. Joined several other decomposition phase (7days,14days,21days,35days,63days,180days) produced the DOM, on the Cu adsorption isotherm of a unified expression for the inhibition of adsorption, and each stage there was no significant difference But63days after the DOM of the desorption stage of the existence of other significant differences. DOM increased Cu in the soil loss risk, therefore, application of organic fertilizer in rice fields (such as high copper pig) needs to be treated with caution.
Keywords/Search Tags:High copper pig, Dissolved Organic Matter, Copper, soil, Sorption, Desorption
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