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Research Of Governance Several High Concentration COD Wastewater By Fenton Reagent

Posted on:2014-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401490540Subject:Environmental Engineering
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The target wastewater was from a chemical plant in Xiangtan City,COD of wastewaterwith high processing power can be poor biochemical characteristics. The result, after thetreatment, must reach the standard before discharge. For high concentration organicwastewater from different sources are take the program that Fenton reagent and othertreatments. We achieved the purpose that COD degraded, improving the ratio of BOD/COD.For Para formaldehyde compounds and compounds with high concentrations of dilationCOD wastewater use Fenton oxidation, advanced oxidation mainly sodium hypochloriteoxidation, activated carbon adsorption, supplemented by the treatment program. After take100mL target waste(COD is227000mg/L)adding10g lime refluxed1.5hours, COD reducedto51,000mg/L, then, refluxing with objectives of Fenton Oxidation Treatment of Wastewater,At pH=2.5, add1gFeSO47H2O and30mL3%of the H2O2response2hours,CODdropped to25498mg/L, NaClO further oxidation,100mL water added NaClO60g,2hoursafter reaction, COD reduced to1864mg/L. Finally, add8g activated carbon adsorption andstir for1hour, filtered light are colorless clear liquid, COD reduced to632mg/L.For COD wastewater containing high concentrations of ethylene dichloride, proposed theuse of Fenton reagent advanced oxidation, and using activated carbon adsorption of organicpollutants remaining, marking the end to meet emission standards. In50mL water COD3027mg/Lunder, FeSO47H2O dosage is1.0g, pH value of2.5, Fenton reagent treatment was thebest of ethylene dichloride, COD can be reduced to around1500, Activated carbon todetermine the best dosage of1.5g, COD removal rate above96%.In dealing with high concentrations of COD wastewater DMF, the first experimentalrealization by extracting resources with DMF wastewater recycling,Caffeinate oxidation byFenton reagent to achieve COD of waste water discharge standards DMF, In this process,determine the best conditions for wastewater treatment, and further determine a reasonableDMF wastewater treatment process. After extraction by the five wastewater, COD removalrate was91.3%, adding20%sulfuric acid to adjust pH value of2, added FeSO47H2O about0.2g, stirring until dissolved, then drops3%H2O220mL, this mixture to stand for2h, addinglime to adjust pH value of7or so, put it aside for1h, filtered, Stir then add activated carbon2g1h, filtered solution was colorless and brighter, wastewater COD was measured79.4mg/LAccording to actual practice, different organic wastewater was used by the correspondingtreatments, and, COD and toxin organics could be removed effectively. This experiment produced disciplines and guidelines to the process and designing of organic sewage plant.
Keywords/Search Tags:high concentration organic wastewater, Fenton reagent, wastewater treatment, activated carbon, extraction
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