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Research On Urban Construction Waste Closed-loop Logistics System Based On "Two-type City" Construction

Posted on:2014-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q C LeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401490544Subject:Logistics Engineering
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The dual threat of the deterioration of ecological environment and the shortage ofresources in our country gives birth to the concept of two-type city that promotesconstructing resource-saving type and environmental-friendly type city with featuresof low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission and high benefit. But alongwith the increasing speed of the process of urbanization, a growing number ofconstruction waste comes out, and the simple and extensive processing way to theconstruction waste is opposite to the concept of two-type city. Our country has notformed a professional and effective recycling logistics system of construction waste,which results in not fully taking advantage of the construction waste resources. Theway of simply open-air piling up or landfilling treatment to the construction wastedoes not only damage the environment, but also cause great waste of resources. Underthe background of the two-type city construction, there is a great need to design anefficient urban construction waste recycling logistics system, so as to make the bestuse of the urban construction waste, realizing the goal of environment protectionrequirement with low energy consumption, low emissions, low pollution, andacquiring a certain economic and social benefits. Many scholars of our country focuson the reutilization technology and management of the construction waste, or focus onone or several sections of the recycling system, but they seldom focus on thesupply-chain logistics system of urban construction waste reutilization. Against thisbackground, discussions about how to design an efficient urban construction wastelogistics system is of important practical significance.Through the literature materials at home and abroad of construction waste, thispaper gives a summary of the comprehensive treatment and recycling logistics systemof the construction waste. Under the background of two-type city construction,regarding the green logistics and closed-loop logistics theory as the instruction,aiming at the present problems of the treatment and recycling logistics of urbanconstruction waste, this paper designs a construction waste closed-loop logisticssystem which combines the architectural material supply logistics with constructionwaste recycling logistics. This paper gives a specific analyses of the subject elements,object elements and supporting elements which constitutes the construction wasteclosed-loop logistics system, and illustrates the business flow, material flow andcapital flow of the system model from the aspects of material flow structure. This paper uses the methods of data analysis, comparative analysis, quantitative analysiscombined with qualitative analysis to compare the existed construction wastenon-closed-loop logistics model with the closed-loop logistics model that this paperputs forward, and proves that the closed-loop logistics is of environmental protection,economy and social public welfare. To guarantee the implementation of constructionwaste closed-loop logistics system model, this paper gives some advice form theaspects of the government policy, funding, information platform and facilitiesequipment. Through the effective collaboration and communication among theparticipation main bodies of the construction waste closed-loop logistics system, so asto make the construction waste closed-loop logistics system run in good health.Overall, through establishment of the construction waste closed-loop logisticssystem, this paper finds a most effective way of recycling logistics of urbanconstruction waste, it solves the problems of the occupation of land, environmentalpollution, high emissions and resource waste, thus improving the resource recyclingprocess of the construction waste, realizing the purpose of maximizing the resourcerecycling of urban construction waste, guaranteeing the benefits of each participantsubject body, reflecting the uniformity of economic benefits, environmental benefitand social benefit of the urban construction waste treatment, which is of greatsignificance for the two-type city construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Two-type city, Construction waste, Closed-loop logistics system
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