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The Scheme Optimization Research Of Bedding Gas Extraction In Zhu Xianzhuang Coal Mining Working Face

Posted on:2014-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330425976363Subject:Geological Engineering
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In our country, Gas drainage in high gassy and gas outburst dangerous mines account for about30%of the total amount of mine.It Caused by catastrophic serious gas accident and heavy gas accident frequently. It have no radical treatment scheme by now.This will severely seriously affect the safety and work in production of our country in the future.Zhu Xianzhuang is a coal and gas outburst mine. This is a difficult and trying to solve work of improving the effect of the coal seam gas drainage. How to increase the intensity of the mine gas drainage,research on mine gas drainage technology in complex geological conditions,prevention and control of coal mine gas accident fundamentall, improve the safe conditions of coal mine operation,realize the comprehensive utilization of drainage gas,is the need to first solve problem at this stage.In this paper,it research that technical parameters and hole sealing method of bedding extraction from8coal seam drilling.On the basis of Zhu Xianzhuang geological conditions of876face and gas occurrence status quo of the research.Text for extraction from drilling parameters and hole sealing solutions. Design of the bedding gas extraction related drilling parameters in8coal seam of876face. And the borehole spacing, drilling holes, arrangement, and gas extraction from a single hole drilling hole sealing material data were tested and analyzed. Analysis results show that,using polyurethane sealing holes.Single-hole drilling extraction gas attenuation coefficient, the drilling one hundred meters ultimate extraction volume and hundreds of meters high extraction rate is relatively high. Drilling hole diameter is relatively large,gas emission initial flow and the gas flow attenuation coefficient is larger. In the effectively borehole drainage time,when the drainage borehole spacing is smaller, drainage rate is higher at the same time.Finally accrding to《The Safety Regulation for Coal Mining)) in article one hundred and ninety of the judgment.Bedding in the coal face gas outburst prevention measures effect is more significant. In876working face mining area,8coal seam has been basically eliminated the danger of coal and gas outburst. With the extension of the drainage time,the measure of the outburst prevention effect will be even more significant.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gas, Bedding boring, gas extraction, Hole pattern, parameter design, Outburst prevention measures effect assessment
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