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High Performance Of Induction Motor Drive Control System Research Based On Electric Vehicle Energy Optimization

Posted on:2014-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J K LanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330425460905Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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With the increasingly serious problem of energy crisis and environmentalpollution, electric vehicles(EV) will become an important vehicle in the21th century.But the driving distance of EV is limited because of the capacity of its storagebattery.So, improving the energy efficiency of the motor drive system and increasingthe driving distance in EVmakes the development of the EV significant.This paperstudies the efficiency-optimized control in the motor drive system of EV.This paper firstly analyzes the losses of the motor drive system, and establishesan induction motor vector control system on the basis of the established inductionmotor mathematical model considering iron losses.Then analyzes two traditionalefficiency-optimization control methods: the loss model control(LMC) and theminimum power loss search control(SC). By comparing the advantages anddisadvantages of these two methods, this paper proposes an improvedefficiency-optimization control algorithm combines the LMC and fuzzy logic on linesearch.This paper conducts simulation studyes on the traditional and the improvedinduction motor efficiency-optimization vector control system respectively inMatlab/Simulink software platform. By contrast, verify the improvedefficiency-optimization control method has higher optimization precision and shorteroptimization time.At last, an DSP experimental control system based on TI company’s chipTMS320F28335is established. The hardware and software are designed respectively.The experimental study is further evidence that the efficiency-optimization method,based on loss model and fuzzy logic search, can effectively improve the efficiency ofthe electric vehicle motor drive system, and has good rapidity and stability, also hasgood application prospect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electric vehicle, Efficiency-optimization, Fuzzy logic, Induction motor, Vector control
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