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Simulation And Design Of AC Motor Controller Used In Pure Electric Bus

Posted on:2012-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330338970314Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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In the era of rapid development of traditional auto industry, in response to the resource crisis and environmental pollution problems brought by fuel vehicles, New energy vehicles technology has been the concern of all countries. At the present stage, new energy vehicles refer to the use of electricity as driven energy. It includes electric cars and hybrid cars. Electric car is the best choice to achieve Zero-emission. Therefore, in recent decades,it has been the rapid development. Currently, the main difficulty and key problem of electric vehicle technology still stuck both battery performances in the energy system and motor control in the drive system. To the heart of electric vehicles-motor control system as the research object, Among the many types of optional motors, the author selects three-phase asynchronous AC motors as driver object which is suitable for high-power drives and which has solid structure and relatively small power density, in this paper, Then designs the related driver Control scheme and method·The main research works completed by the author include:1.By reading a large number of relevant reports, documents, based on the understanding of the background and significance of the topic for this research projects, the author studied the history of development of electric vehicles; the development status at home and abroad;the history of development of electric vehicles drive system; the development and some problems of domestic electric vehicles motor controller by Network research and field research methods.2. A transmission scheme, which was suitable for high-power system, was proposed by combining ordinary fuel vehicles with electric cars, then driving indicators were set, which was based on real research, so choice was appropriate.then the author completed the selection and configuration parameters of the motor according to driving indicators.These were the necessary preparatory work in the design of electric vehicle motor drives. 3. Based on the study of the AC induction motor control method, the author selected control scheme and in-depth studied by the rotor flux oriented vector control. In addition, according to defects in this approach, the author analyzed various characteristics of the rotor flux observer.4.Based on theoretical study of the previous section, the double loop was established in the motor control system. In order to verify its correctness, simulation was carried out in the MATLAB/SIMULINK. At the same time, in the vector control algorithm,due to the current decoupling depends on the instable motor Parameters, We used fuzzy adaptive controller instead of the traditional PI controller to adjust the control parameters in real time online and confirmed by simulation that the controller had comparing small overshoot, fast response.5. Had Selected a superior performance chip TMS320F2812 DSP in motor control as control core, the author completed hardware circuits designs including the main circuit, driver circuit, control circuit and designed braking energy feedback scheme for the motor and wrote a two-loop control strategy of the software program. Most important was that the algorithm was debugged after using HEZHONGDA DSP experimental box as the hardware platform in the environment of CCS2.0 Software.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicle, motor control system, three-phase AC induction motor, vector control, fuzzy adaptive PI control, TMS320F2812 DSP
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