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An Exploratory Study On The Models Of Integrating Content And Language In Content-based Courses For English Majors At The Beginning Stage

Posted on:2014-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330425958579Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Content-based instruction (CBI) is a teaching approach that integrates languageand content teaching. The integration of content teaching and language instruction isthe central idea of content-based instruction. Therefore, how teachers delivercontent-based instruction to ensure learners’ concurrent development of language andcontent is the most important pedagogical issue for CBI programs. In reality, differentmodels of integrating content and language are formed and practiced under differentcontexts, i.e. language-oriented model, content-oriented model, and content andlanguage integrated model. Which one is appropriate for English majors at thebeginning stage in Chinese tertiary institutions?This research is intended to find out the appropriate and practical model for theCBI courses of English majors at the beginning stage by comparing current models ofintegrating content and language with st’udents expectations. A combination ofqualitative and quantitative paradigms was adopted in the research with classobservations, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires as instruments for datacollection. The study identified features of current models of integrating content andlanguage in content-based courses through class observations and interviews ofteachers. In general, CBI teachers adopted content and language integrated model inwhich content teaching dominates the whole teaching process with short intervals oflanguage teaching and practice. Moreover, the research investigated the expectedmodel rfom st’udents perspective through questionnaires and interviews of students. Itturned out that the majority of students were in favor of content and languageintegrated model which was consistent with teachers’ practice. However, divergenceappeared on the amount and rfequency of language instruction in that students calledon more detailed and rfequent attention to language.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content, language, integrated models, English majors, the beginningstage
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