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The Expression Of Western Oil Painting Visual Language

Posted on:2014-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The truth of art is not only the emotion but also the form. Chinese landscape painting hasa distinctive national property and long history. Landscape painting, as a Chinese paintingtype, builds a continuation of China’s history of several thousand years with its unique artlanguage of painting art. Painting, as a tool of relaxing and self-expression, emphasizes thesubjective emotion in the painting. While the landscape painting shows more the combinationof man and nature. It cultivates people’s temperament and purifies people’s soul. Mr. HuangBinhong once said that “The landscape painting is the expression of nature and also people’ssoul.” Chinese landscape painting itself has the combing charm of profundity, tranquilizationand vitality. It shapes the history of Chinese landscape painting and leads the futuredevelopment of Chinese landscape painting. The color intensity, lining and shading in theprocess of Chinese painting implicitly express special emotions. It can make Chinese paintingart become “a meaningful form”, and make us realize the subjective reality of the feelings andemotions.From the landscape painting, we can appreciate the artistic conception of Chinesepainting, including its style, tone and hue. Not even a type of painting can bring Chinesepeople more emotion than Chinese landscape painting. If we discuss classics and truth withothers, landscape painting is like the national culture, classical style, my image and humannature. Chinese landscape painting has its unique language, profound cultural background andindependent national value orientation. It carries a unique Chinese aesthetic consciousness.The aesthetic elements of Chinese landscape painting is not only the works of beautifulform and objective content comes from the natural rivers, is the artist’s character comes fromlife, and artistic expression makes than life’s subjective emotion. The paper is to expound theconnotation of emotional expression through Chinese landscape paintings convey and, todiscuss the works of Chinese landscape painting contains infinite objective natural worldbeauty and magnificence, deeper research works and paintings of the character itself toconvey emotion world integration information echoed relations. Chinese landscape paintingconveys emotion shows a typical Chinese character, is characteristic of Chinese nationalspirit.The main content of this paper is study on the connotation of Chinese landscape paintingto convey emotion and emotion expression way of Chinese landscape painting conveys, through the analysis and study of Chinese dynasties of Chinese landscape painter works form,content and ink and techniques of Chinese landscape painting to illustrate emotion to conveythe aesthetic and appreciation of. The modern painters work to analyze the modern culturalbackground driven by emotions conveyed by new tradition.
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