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Legal Studies On Managing Private Equity Investment Fund Of Limited Partnership

Posted on:2013-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A R ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330392465336Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Private equity investment (short as PE investment) of limited partnership is atype of investment fund exists as form of partnership, which is mainly operating as:investor injects assets to investment fund and general partner will manage it. At theinitial stage, PE investment of limited partnership just report to related supervisingdepartment. Such flexible operation method suits the beginning development of PEinvestment in our country. Especially since the year2007, the Partnership EnterpriseLaw was carried out, a favorable tax policy has been put into practice, it not onlyavoids the investors from double tax charged, also promotes the development ofincreasing fund, which solves the problem for medium-sized and small enterprises inraising fund, and optimizes the system of administration.In this paper, we shall start with the narrow definition of PE investment fund,and briefly introduce three investment fund types of PE, which are corporate system,trust system and limited partnership system. Then according to the development ofPE investment of limited partnership in Britain, The USA and Japan, enlighten thelimited partnership in China. What’s more, we use comparison analysis to get furtherdiscussion of the status of development on PE investment of limited partnership inour country, through incentive mechanism, restrained mechanism, reputation effectand operation mechanism. From the view of legal principle, we will summarize thedisadvantage of limited partnership in China. Finally we will propose severalsuggestions on perfecting the operating mechanism of limited partnershipdevelopment in our country.This paper is based on a number of domestic and overseas references, usingcase method and comparison analysis, it views the development of limitedpartnership from economic aspect. According to the mentioned reputation effect andincentive mechanism, we are able to present some proposal to supervisiondepartment and funding agency, which promotes the development of PE investment of limited partnership in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Limited Partnership, Private Equity Investment, Reputation Effect andRestrained Mechanism
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