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Research On The Patentability Of Cloud Computing Method

Posted on:2014-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The conception of Cloud Computing had appeared for a few years since2006.People has been amazing its speed of growing.Whatever technology or applicationthe Cloud Computing has been the leader of this world,In this case,we think that theappearance and developing of new technology can certain be with some problem ofintellectual property rights,it is lack of attention in intellectual property zone.Cloud Computing method is comes from the technology of Cloud Computing,butthere is no technology innovation in it,but the Combination of commontechnologies.The method has no break out in Technical Field,and the Cloud Computingmethod is Restricted by the Technical Field,it is hard to protect the traditional businessmethods through patent protection,the Cloud Computing method is caught between arock and a hard place in our country.Now,we have great trouble in protecting business methods, especially the CloudComputing method.We have two ways to go through,first,we attribute CloudComputing method to untraditional business method and limit its technology zone toComputer technology field,it means that,if the Cloud Computing methods want to beprotected by patent law,its technology must be creativity and limit its technology zoneto Computer technology field,so the demand is too difficult.Second,we attribute CloudComputing method to the traditional business method,then the officer will reject yourapplication by experience.The article analysis the condition about the Cloud Computing method in oucountry.It summarizes the existing scholars for cloud computing method to the field ofPatent issues,by research,analyze,summarize, and other methods.The article is dividedinto four parts:The first part is an introduction,which discusses the background,significance and cloud computing Research;The second part introduces the basicconcepts of cloud computing method;The third part,the patentability of CloudComputing method;the final part,summarizing the hole text and telling us how todo.The author think the level of protection should below the average of internationalstage,we should make our policy according to our own economic conditions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud computing, Cloud Computing method, Patent right, Rules and methods of intelligence activities
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