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Research On Forcing The Witness Testify Before The Court In Criminal Proceedings Of Our Country

Posted on:2014-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After a lapse of16years, the Crimimal Procedure Law known as the "small constitution" has been changed again. Comparing to the Criminal Procedure Law in1996, this change has a great progress in the number of articles and content. Witness not appearing in court and the small attendance has been the obstacle of our criminal judicial practice, the problem of the judicial reform in recent years. Out of question, it is the key to change the "Criminal Procedure Law". The author analyses the current situation of the Witness appearing in court in our country, explores the importance of witness’testifying before the court, then introduces the foreign legislative situation, aimde at building the system of forcing the Witness testify before the court in criminal proceedings of our country.The change of the Crimimal Procedure Law perfects the system of witness’ testifying before the court, but The drawback of legislative technique lead to this promising legislative idea not be expressed fully, admirable goals not achieved.At the same time, The specific design rules also exists many problems. Based on this, the author try the best to comprehensively display the system of witness ’testifying before the court in our country, also put forward Suggestions on the existing problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:witness, coercive measure, appear in court, safeguard
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