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A Study On The Spirit Of Lei Feng In The View Of Symbolic Interacti On Theory

Posted on:2014-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401454036Subject:Ideological and political education
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Symbolic interaction theory is the social psychology theory proposed by Bloomer, is the social psychology theories of human population lives to people from the social interaction in the individual’s daily environment a claim. In sociology, symbolic interaction theory for explaining symbols in the activities of human society, has a certain value; emphasizing the people’s initiative and creativity. The symbolic interaction theory argues that people is based on things for them the rich meaning to these things and activities, the significance of social interaction with peers from a derived or generated, the meaning is not fixed, but with the people he is dealing with the things in the his master, and revise and perfect the meaning through interpretation of these things.The spirit of Lei Feng is half a century since the most profound influence on Chinese a moral paradigm. Since the Lei Feng spirit, it has great significance and value on Chinese society. People are fully aware of the spirit of Lei Feng is the meaning and role, in the spirit of Lei Feng is such a moral paradigm influence, in the process of people learn Lei Feng motion, have a lot of people moved Lei Feng advanced person, they use their own practical action to carry out the Lei Feng spirit, promote the development and progress of society. With the development of time and the deepening of international exchanges, the spirit of Lei Feng has not only belongs to China, he gradually go out of the country, has the world influence. Other countries according to their own development needs, selection, processing of the spirit of Lei Feng, produced a suitable for their country’s "ocean," Lei Feng "in Lei Feng under the effect of ocean", the advanced character and deeds has produced many "ocean" of Lei Feng. At the same time, the spirit of Lei Feng is also carrying on, in the spirit of Lei Feng, the movie, music gradually, with a variety of the portrait of Lei Feng merchandise is favored by people, become a beautiful scenery, let the spirit of Lei Feng appear in the high streets and back lanes. Both the advanced character Lei Feng Lei Feng in the generated motion, or "Yang Lei Feng" in the spirit of Lei Feng is the symbol of social interaction between people in production, and promote social progress and development of the social interaction between people.Hu Jintao stressed the spirit of Lei Feng to our nation and society, the past, still has great value and significance of the times. In this paper, from the perspective of social psychology, to analyze the Lei Feng spirit and spirit of Lei Feng effect causes symbol by symbol interaction theory. To investigate the Lei Feng movement in the performance characteristic and the effect of different historical periods."Ocean--Lei Feng" Lei Feng spirit of derivatives, and analyzes how the spirit of Lei Feng out of the class attribute and state ideology attribute, and with the development of the times and the Communist Party of China Governing ideal read tend to mature gradually into all human beings cherish Chong Gaopin de and universal values, and emphasized the relationship between it and the socialist the core values, give full play to the significance and value of Lei Feng spirit in the ideological and political education and socialist core values.
Keywords/Search Tags:The spirit of Lei Feng, Symolic inractio theory, Lei Fengmovement, "foreign Lei Feng", Vahue of the times
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