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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Medical Liability In Our Country

Posted on:2014-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M GaoFull Text:PDF
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The high risk of medical behavior determines the damages to the patients are hardto avoid. In recent years, according to the improvements of people’s right conscious-ness, when patients have been injured by medical bebavior, they probably claim forcompensations and the claim amount is becoming higher and higher. We all knowthat the progress of the medical technology is beneficial to all mankind, but at thesame time, the medical risks it brings are unavoidable. The responsibility caused bymedical risks should not be taken by only a part of people, it should be taken by theall society.Therefore,it calls for a kind of tool to transfer the risks and responsibilities.This kind of tool calls Medical Liability Insurance.At present, Chinese society hanker for medical liability insurance because medicaldisputes take place so frequently and the doctor-patient relationship is very tense. Inthe1980’s it was introduced into china and has some development in the past fewdecades, but now it meet with some bottlenecks. From the contradiction between lowcoverage rate of medical liability insurance and hard market demand, the author triesto find out the problems of the medical liability insurance in our country at presentstage.In the next chapter, the author analyzes the causes of these problems. In somedeveloped countries, they have mature medical liability insurance which is foundedin the early20thcentury, earlier70-80s than our country. The detours these countrieshas been through, the system of medical liability insurance and related aspects mayhave something for us to learn. To seeking the answers to the questions we walk intothe UK, U.S, Japan, and Taiwan of china to see how their medical liability insurancedevelop, and analyses their advantages and disadvantages. In the last part of the arti-cle, the author try to build a more stable and sounder legal system to help ourcountry’s medical liability insurance get a further development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Medical liability insurance, information asymmetry, Defense obligation, Compulsory medical liability insurance, Medical risk
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