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The Medical Mandatory Liability Insurance

Posted on:2015-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recent years, as the increasingly serious problem of patient-doctor dispute causeswidespread concern in the community, it also has a negative impact to the socialstability. At present, under the guidance of advanced concepts of insurance and a soundlegal system, the developed countries achieved significant results by building a unifiedmedical compulsory liability insurance system to safeguard the interests of patients,disperse medical practitioners’ risks, safeguard the normal operation of the health caresystem and maintain social stability, etc. In contrast, China’s medical practicemandatory liability insurance not only starts late, but also since there is noestablishment of a unified insurance system, making some pilot cities which haveuniform insurance policy but still have many problems. Therefore, in order to ease thepatient disputes and exert the medical liability insurance function, medical compulsoryliability insurance system construction has become an urgent topic which has to besolved in the current China’s legalization process.
Keywords/Search Tags:medical compulsory liability insurance, medical damage liability, lawsystem construction
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