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On The Adjustment By Economic Law Of Incremental Interests In The Process Of House Demolition

Posted on:2014-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425965621Subject:Economic Law
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With the development the economy of china, especially the investment in building ofpublic infrastructure and the rapid development in the urbanization process,landexpropriation, house demolition and some other actions and the problems which theseactions brought about are now becoming the hot spots of society. It not only concerns mostpeople’s vital interests, tests our government’s level of law enforcement,but also needs ourlegislators’s further study on the house demolition distribution system.Being a researcherin economic law, we need also aim at the current situation of our china, accend on theincremental interests in the house demolition, make a good system in the housedemolition.. Formely, in the house dismantled move in the adjustment of benefits relation,mainly only have the law system of civil case repair, house in the city dismantled movegive be dismantled moved a person compensated its property loss, the village housedismantled move in addition to compensating its property loss, returned to the certainsetting subsidy.In this case, seem to dismantle to move a person to there is a full reasonrequesting to be dismantled to move a person to obey to dismantle to move;At the sametime, have of dismantling and moving the person even still depend on judicial organ of thestrength compulsorily dismantle to move.In fact, gives civil case repair of dismantling andmoving system, also exist very big blemish, besides dismantle to move a personperformance civil case repair of dismantling and moving the system also exist a lot ofminor faultses, therefore, the house dismantled to move to produce a lot of malignantcases.So, how does the perfect house dismantle to move system?This text usageadjustment increases the economic legal theory theory of measuring the benefits relationand put forward the house that we should compensate in the perfect civil case to dismantlethe foundation of moving the entity method and procedure method system up, set up toadjust house to dismantle to move medium increase the law system of measuring thebenefits relation.Because dismantle to move a person(government and governmentdepartment concerned) and use a ground of unit, usually all is on the grounds that thepublic benefits needs carry on construction, and dismantle to move a person more withrepresentative’s of social whole development benefits, request to dismantle to move aperson to obey to dismantle to move.The problem lies in, is dismantled to move corpuseven if the civil case being dismantled to move is in expiation of, dismantle to move aperson and use a ground of unit also and can not necessarily possess the priority that use the ground, be dismantled to move a person to also have no obligation guarantee theirpriorities.Because dismantle to move a person and use a ground of unit in this process,actually carry out they ownly increase a quantity benefits to maximize, and be dismantledto move a hard benefits for sharing it to increase quantity from it of person, whole benefitsand social public benefits of nation don’t also get a guarantee.This is now real estate overhot with dismantle to move dispute high important reason.Therefore, the writer assertionhouse dismantles to move the different circumstance that should distinguish house in thecity to dismantle to move to dismantle to move with village house and compensate thefoundation of entity and procedure system in the perfect civil case up, weighing to reachcan guarantee nation whole with be dismantled to move a person to share house todismantle to move of increase the law system of measuring the benefits.Here, this text’semphasizing to discuss is dismantled to move a person to share house to dismantle tomove of increase the relevant law problem of the law system of measuring the benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:house demolition, The civil case compensates system, incremental interests legal relationship, economic law
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