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Research On The Risk Evaluation And Implicit Friendly Inclination Of Violent Offenders

Posted on:2014-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425984262Subject:Applied Psychology
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The violent crime refers to using the actor takes the violence forces for the method orby the violence, violates other people’s personal safety and property safety criminalityillegally. The violent crime of our country is experiencing from many to few and from fewto many processes, the situation of violent crime is also growing tension. Although ourcountry had not relaxed to the attack of violent crime,but the situation has still not beeneffectively improved, made situation of struggle to be still arduous, complex and stern withthe violent crime.Through this study to evaluate the risk level of violence offenders,take the implicitfriendly inclination as objective point. This study has designed three research:The researchtakes the case interview, the literature review as the foundation, proposed the basic dimensionof violence risk evaluation, and establishes the violence risk evaluation questionnaire basedon this; The second study uses the violence risk evaluation questionnaire as a research tool,through the use of experimental material-friendly as the start stimulus, with the methodevaluating the related degree of two words,to explore the violence offenders in differentdegree of violence risk whether in has the implicit friendly inclination;The subjects of thethird study for the violence offenders with implicit friendly inclination, to study the implicitfriendly inclination inhibitory action on implicit aggression in the IAT model.The mainresults of three studies are as follows:(1) The self-designed questionnaire of violence risk evaluation of this study has goodreliability and validity, this questionnaire is entirely accord with the request of psychometric,which could be used as a measure tool in measuring violence offenders’ risk.(2) The violence risk evaluation questionnaire was constituted by the four dimensions asimpulsion, hostility, rebellious social, sensitive oversuspicious, irritable.(3) Through the use of experimental material-friendly as the start stimulus, with thedetermination way of word,the results show that violence offenders turn out to bear significant implicit friendly inclination, the friendly experiment material can start implicitfriendly inclination of violence offenders.(4) Implicit friendly inclination had inhibitory effect on implicit aggressionto varying degrees of risk of violence.
Keywords/Search Tags:violence offenders, risk, evaluation, implicit friendly inclination
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