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Research On Reserve Against Deposit System Of Our Country

Posted on:2014-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the trend of globalization of economic crisis, Reserve Against Deposit Systembecomes the most frequent and significant monetary policy tool exercised by Chinesemonetary authority for the need of macroeconomic control. Reserve Against DepositSystem plays a critical role in the bank payment and settlement, the control of the moneysupply and stabilization of the market interest rate. However, in the process of constantadjustment of the Reserve Against Deposit System, legal flaws in the legislation andexecution emerge and lead to the limited effect on the economy.The main reason causing this phenomenon, in my point of view, is that China’sReserve Against Deposit System has developed for a short time and the faultinesses of thissystem gradually emerge. Moreover, the immaturity of bank-based financial system andthe lack of supervision experience also lead to flaws of China’s Reserve Against DepositSystem, which includes the excessive adjustment of reserve requirement ratio, the vacancyof taxpayer’s right protection and the immaturity of the technical regulations. This paper ison the basis of a comprehensive research on the reserve against deposit system, which arefrom various papers in the sight of China’s and foreign Law, History, Economics.Relatively, the research on the reserve against deposit is a weak point of Chinese lawcurrently. By the way of comparative analysis on the situation and context of diverse fields,this paper will intensively study China’s Reserve Against Deposit System from legal angle,and put forward countermeasures accordingly in order to improve China’s ReserveAgainst Deposit System.First of all, this paper briefly introduces the concept, content and classification ofReserve Against Deposit System, and researches on the source of jurisprudence of twodifferent Reserve Against Deposit System. On the basis of analyzing the contemporarysituation of China’s Reserve Against Deposit System, this thesis studies the main problems of China’s legal system. Furthermore, this paper comparatively illustrates the experienceand characters of the Reserve Against Deposit System of developed countries such as US,UK and Japan for reference. Finally, aiming at the problems of China’s Reserve AgainstDeposit System, this paper makes conclusions and legal suggestions for the issue. At thelegislative level, it’s to build a regulatory system for China’s Reserve Against DepositSystem and establish a value orientation about protecting the financial institution. At anexecutive level, it’s to set up regulations of normal supervision and penalty, and improvingdeposit reserve balance to enhance the detailed regime of China’s Reserve Against DepositSystem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Deposit Reserve, Deposit Subject, Pay Range, Reserve Requirement Ratio, Method of Counting and Drawing
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