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Legal Regulation Of Private Equity Research

Posted on:2014-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The article refers to the private fund is a private securities investment fund, notincluding private equity investment funds, venture capital funds and other traditionalsense. The private fund is an investment fund established by the non-public offeringfinancing to qualified investors, compared to the public fund, has the characteristics offlexibility, ease of concealment, high-yield and other more "rich" favored in recentyears in the domestic market, the rapid development and become a force that can notunderestimate the power of China’s securities market. But our private fund due to thelack of legal constraints, caused by deformity and disorderly, chaotic developmentstatus of China’s financial market instability or unrest, which caused the attention ofthe relevant regulatory and legislative branches. In December2012, the StandingCommittee of the National People’s Congress passed the Securities Investment FundLaw "revised" non-public fund raising private fund included in the adjustment range,which means that in our country has been in a regulatory vacuum private fund theestablishment and operation of the law, private fund and finally from the"underground" go "on the ground".The legalization of private fund in China, the paper puts forward the status quoof China’s current private fund legal regulation, effective solution to this problem isstill of great practical significance. Questions-analysis of the problem-to solve theproblem in the context structure throughout the text: First, on the basis of thedescription and analysis of the concept of private fund, categories, characteristics, andpublic fund, raised private fund trust nature and the root causes of differences with thepublic fund; Secondly, described the history of the development of China’s privatefund and causes, and the problems in China’s private fund; once again pointed out thatthe information asymmetry is the root cause of the private fund risk on the basis of thetheory of information asymmetry elaborate analysis method to solve the problems ofthe private fund; Finally, the legislation of the private fund in China put forward theirown proposals, mainly to solve China’s private fund at issue, information disclosure and three issues of double taxation.
Keywords/Search Tags:private fund, information asymmetry, information disclosure
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