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Song Li Relations Research In The Eleventh Century Under The Leaves

Posted on:2014-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The relationship between Song and Koryo plays an important role in the diplomatic history between China and the DPRK(or South Korea). Korea reunified the Korean peninsula after Silla and maintained a traditional tributary relations with Central Plains as Silla did. However, Kingdom Liao has changed the traditional pattern with its military power after assuming regime. Therefore in this period, Song-Koryo relations have always been under the influence of Song-Liao and Liao-Koryo relations. After Chanyuan Alliance, Song Dynasty began to adopt an ill-conceived policy, which highlights domestic interests, meanwhile takes a lukewarm attitude towards Koryo. Song Dynasty gave up the strategy of unifying Koryo to resist Liao. Therefore, after three wars between Kingdom Liao and Koryo, Liao-Koryo tributary system was established and the relationship between Song and Koryo was severed, which marks the break down of central position Song Dynasty occupied in Northeast Asia. The regime of minority in northern China became the center in Northeast Asia. A new Northeast Asia order was established.The middle of the11th century has witnessed new changes in the international situation of Northeast Asia. Countries there adjusted the internal and external policies positively in order to earn a place in the new world system. Koryo started to become a vitally important force among the Northeast Asian countries in balancing the power of Song Dynasty and Liao Dynasty. Song Dynasty began the quest for resumption of diplomatic ties with Koryo to relieve the threat posed by Liao Dynasty and Western Xia. Therefore, the reopening of relations between Song Dynasty and Koryo helped the political situation of Northeast Asia become gradually apparent and balanced, and thus reestablish the political structure there.The recovery of relation between Song Dynasty and Koryo has special owned features not only in their whole relationship history but also in the relationship between China and Korea. For one thing, Koryo paid tribute to Song Dynasty at that time, only showing the nature of smoothing diplomatic relations and of promoting economic and cultural exchanges. It did not have the political significance as a subordinate. For another, the development characteristics of their relationship presented as well in the system of diplomatic documents and rituals. The diplomatic documents after the resumption of Song-Koryo relations are rich in content, and tactful in wording, and canonized edict was no longer exist. Both sides began to engage in their relations with a pragmatic attitude. Both of the two countries took a pragmatic approach to manage their relationship. As for Song Dynasty, it improved Korean embassies status and treatment by which to positively cajole Koryo so as to achieve the aim of combining Koryo and curbing Liao Dynasty. As regards to Koryo, it treated ambassadors from Song Dynasty with courtesy.In short, in the lower lobe of11th century, Song and Koryo had gone through a difficult process of inconstant diplomatic relations. There was no political vassal relations between these two countries after the resumption, and they began communicate frequently, although, slight fluctuation occasionally happened. In this period, personnel exchanges between Song and Koryo become more frequent. Official trade was conducted orderly, with non-governmental trade extremely active and economic, and cultural contacts also gained further improvement at this time. The friendly relationship between Song and Koryo had a profound impact on both life and other aspects of the society.
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