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A Research On Institutional Innovation In Governmental Executive Ability Construction

Posted on:2015-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C GengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428951599Subject:Administrative Management
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Currently, our country is on an important stage of industrial reconstructing,economic transformation and upgrading, fast social development, the economy developsin an amazing speed and people’s livelihood is improved greatly but the problems ofgovernmental executive ability become highlight increasingly. For example, the falseexecution, passive execution, delayed execution,crupttional execution and convertingexecution during the process of governmental execution lead to many problems andcontradictions. The inadequate of governmental executive ability not only results in theincreasing of governmental executive cost, the declining of executive effectiveness butalso impairs governmental credibility and competitiveness, more seriouly, hindering theprocess of harmonious society. This promblem must be wiped out form its root.Theinfluencing factors of governmental executive ability is in a large number, such as theexecutive body, resource and environment etc.. The enhancement of the governmentalexecutive ability must be based on the the institutional innovation. Viewing from theinstitutional innovation, this thesis analyzes the reasons of inadequate governmentalexecutive ability from the formal institution and informal institution layers and putsforward the way of institutional innovation to improve and enhancing governmentalexecutive ability.Precisely speaking, based on the aim of enhancing governmental executive abilityand taking the institutional innovation as the main ananlyzing line, this thesis probesand interprets the following questions: 1.The great value of institutional innovation to the enhancement of governmentalexecutive abilityThe studies on the governmental executive ability in the academic circle is largebut general. Few articles discuss to enhance governmental executive ability from thepoint of institutional innovation. The author here believe that institutional innovation isthe fundamental way to enhance governmental executive ability. In order to enhance thegovernmental executive ability, the improvement and innovation of implement systemmust be streessed. The lag or negligence of implement system is the profound reason forinadequate governmental execution. The implement system restricts the whole processof governmental execution, including the governmental executive cost, effectivenss, andcleaness. Therefore, the innovation of immplement system plays a vital role inenhancing the governmental executive ability.2.The manifestation, harm and institutional analysis of governmental executiveinadequacy in at presentSince the governmental executive ability is written into the government workreport in2006, it catches great attention of our country and many excellent results isachieved, however,problems also exists.Combined with the reality in our country, thisthesis analyzes the manifestations of inadequate governmental execution from5aspects:the false execution, passive execution, delayed execution,corruptional execution andconverting execution. In addition, it discusses the harm of inadequate governmentalexecution from macro, medium and micro views, respectively:preventing the process ofharmonious society, hindering the improvement of people’s livelihood; decling thegovernment credibility and competitiveness; increasing the governmental executive costand weakening rhe execitve effectiveness. The factors that influence the govermentalexecutive inadequacy can be deiveided into two layers institutionally--the formalinstitution layer and informal institution layer, concerning the unscientific public– involved decesion-making, the irrational official regulating, the incomprehensivesupervision and accountability system and the incomplete performance evaluatingsystem ect.3.The way of institutional innovation to improve and enhance governmentalexecutive ability.Implement system is the fundamental factor that impacts the governmentalexecutive ability and the author believes that the improvement of governmentalexecutive ability must be achieved through the institutional innovation. Firstly, set upcorrect institutional value. Secondly, establish complete and formal implementationsystem, including complete public-involved decision-making system, improving officialregulating system, Innovative executive supervision and accountability system,comprehensive executive performance evaluating system. Thirdly, pay attention to theconstructuion of informal institution, that is to say, change and innovate executiveideology, nurture and foster correct executive concept. Lastly, strengthen theconstruction of implementation system and ensure the thorough implementation of theinstitution.
Keywords/Search Tags:governmental executive ability, Executive System, Institutional innovation
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