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A Research On The Factors And Strategies Of Liaoning Whowin Football Club’s Sustainable Development

Posted on:2013-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330392459784Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Football was a business card of Liaoning. During the most glorious period ofthe development of football in Liaoning, three teams (Liaoning, Shenyang, Dalian,)simultaneously battled the country’s top league. In1980s and1990s, Liaoning footballteam achieved ten consecutive National League’s Albert. Since the League started,Dalian, which is one of football teams in Liaoning, has won the first place so manytimes so far. In the time of the peak development of Liaoning football, top5teams inthe league had three teams from Liaoning (Liaoning, Dalian, Shenyang), whichaccounted for the strong teams and half. Liaoning’s football team is China’s first teamand the only one to have won the AFC championship team in China. Thanks to theteam of Dalian, China broke her records for attending the World Cup for the first time,which was the historic moment in Chinese history. However, the above mentioned haspassed. Nowadays, Liaoning Corps has lost her former position of domination.Moreover, Dalian’s football team, which we used to be proud of, has reduced torelegation of struggling for grades.This paper from the perspective of sustainable development, using literature,expert advice, investigation and law, comparative law, mathematical statistics andother research methods from a macro on the history of Liaoning Whowin FootballClub, analyzes the team model, institutional settings, hardware facilities, humanresources team building, funding and market research to investigate the developmentand operation, and from the micro to conduct a comparative analysis of tactical targetsof30games Liaoning Whowin Football Club having taken part in during the2011Super League season, in order to understand the characteristics of the team anddevelopment, and find the problems of Liaoning Whowin’s development. The aim ofthis paper is to come up with strategies of the club’s development which can providemore specific theoretical and practical guidance for Liaoning Whowin Football Club,and useful suggestions as well.Form the paper, below are the conclusions:(1) Liaoning football has a long history of football, and has made outstandingcontributions to the development in Chinese football. However, due to the lack ofstable investment, this club cannot own a stable home, which is a serious impact on the club’s development. As a result, Liaoning football suffered a great volatility.(2) There are some factors which ruin the Club, such as inadequate infrastructure,lack of long-term development planning, non-scientific management system, andweak-brand awareness, imperfect institutional settings, the lack of relevant expertise,limited range of market management and development, and single-channel operationas well.(3) Talents mechanism of Liaoning Whowin Football Club is imperfect, and theteam is getting younger age structure and this team structure is not very reasonable.Moreover, the back-up personnel training situation is still grim. In addition, youngplayers who are lack of competition experience, also have psychological andideological problems.(4) Since Liaoning Whowin Group shares were taken in football club, the team’stechnical and tactical capabilities trend to become stabilize gradually. The coreplayers have been formed, and whether offensive or defensive capabilities are greatlyimproved, but with the excellent club, team operation mechanism has yet to be furtherimproved.We use the sustainable development theory, think Liaoning Who win footballclub to obtain the maximum economic benefit; to continue to expand businesschannels, establish the brand to win support among the people; to achieve this aim canonly continue to increase investment, improve the competitive ability of the team. Thepurpose of this research is to discuss Liaoning Who win Football Club Model ofsustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Liaoning Whowin Football Club, influential factors, analysis, sustainabledevelopment, strategies
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