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In China, Japan And Korea&North Korea, Four-nation Women’s Soccer Skills And Tactics Study On Analysis

Posted on:2013-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Football, is known as the world first movement, former United Nations secretary-general kofi annan says the world of football for human cultural heritage. With the evolution of the tactics now football constantly and development, world each country of the football team play also becomes more and more numerous and complicated tactics and complex, after all the good level of skill and tactics reflect a team is the root of the high and low strength. Although our steel roses have won proud achievements, but because the talent cultivation factors, the result is also declines to everyone, and techniques and tactics ability is our women footballteam and the world to exist between the good team of one of the main gap, to improve the level of skill and tactics we must make up as soon as possible the deficiency of it.Chinese women’s football in the most difficult period, the fa women’s historic win witha fancy shandong national games of the fourth LiXiaoPeng, he is good at communicating really good in coaching. In the techniques and tactics, LiXiaoPeng firmly taking technology football’s line, and to encourage more passing football ground, and also keep up with the idea ofworld football development trend. The personnel and the concept of football resolute pragmatic. But experience is LiXiaoPeng the soft rib of, in addition to the national games, he has no other with women’s experience, and the guangzhou Asian games is a young team which exercise the best test.The article USES video analysis method, the literature material method, mathematical statistics, logic analysis, in order to attend the China guangzhou Asian women’s football teamas the main research object, the three east Asian countries: north Korea, South Korea, Japanas China’s comparative objects. Has counted17games,34team times. Find the team in technical strengths and weaknesses, which for China football workers provide some theoretical reference and help.
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