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Gansu Province Youth Basketball Movement Development Present Situation And Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2014-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422460042Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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With the continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural life level, basketballbegan to flourish. At the same time, along with the rapid development of the world basketballlevel and the changing of domestic basketball reserve personnel training system of ourcountry, our country’s basketball athletics level have been greatly improved. Today, ourcountry is now in the period of the transformation of economic system, to maintain thesustainable development of sports undertakings in China, the backup talent cultivationproblem is particularly important. Basketball level of sustainable development of a country,therefore, are in good condition, the key lies in how much basketball reserve talented person,only has a rich basketball reserve pool, to make the sustainable development of basketball.Gansu province belongs to economic less developed areas, but basketball has already becomeone of the most popular with the masses and love sports, has a good mass base, but due tovarious reasons, the development of the youth basketball sport in Gansu province is notoptimistic, in basketball reserve talented person lack, talent reserves, competitive ability andsports level is low wait for a phenomenon. And the key to solve these problems is to developthe youth basketball sport in Gansu province, reserve of Gansu province outstandingbasketball reserve talented person, so as to promote the development of basketball sport inGansu province.In this paper, the youth basketball sport in Gansu province as the research object, USESthe literature material law, questionnaire survey method, interview method, mathematicalstatistics and comparative analysis research method, through the data of Gansu provinceyouth basketball movement development present situation carries on the comprehensiveanalysis, and more developed city youth basketball sport and basketball development situation,specific analysis and research on youth basketball sport in Gansu province the main problemsexisting in the current situation of the development and give the related developmentcountermeasures. Main conclusions are as follows:(1) Developing countermeasures to adjust the immediate cause of basketball sport inGansu province is a breakdown, seriously restricting the development of youth basketballsport in Gansu province.(2) The Gansu province basketball youth funding serious shortage, the lack ofdevelopment power and material security. (3) The Gansu province basketball youth contradictions between learning and serious,professional skills, cultural quality, affect students’ future development and brain drain, is theindirect reason affecting the development of Gansu youth basketball.(4) The lack of competition, the exchange opportunities, make its competitive level isdifficult to improve, lack of competitiveness and influence.(5) In Gansu province is engaged in the youth basketball training coaches title structureis not perfect, teaching life is short, his first movement experience is generally low, the overalllevel need to be improved.(6) Lack of forward-looking leadership concept of sports development and the overalldevelopment strategy, is the key factor affecting the development of youth sports in Gansuprovince.
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