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The Research On Applying-ability Of Offensive Technique And Tactics In The Twelfth National Youth Women’s Basketball Games

Posted on:2015-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422467982Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Basketball game is a constantly alternative process of offense and defense, this process isbased on the results of the scores when the game ends. The score level is determined by theteam’s offense level which is the top priority of a team. The women basketball team hasreached a new level, along with the development of Chinese Basketball. However, it isundeniable that the scores aren’t stable. Their level is still relatively low compared to thestrong basketball teams in the world, though they are quite competitive on Asian Count.Moreover, younger players are in need to replace some older atheletes, since those olderplayers are retiring. Therefore, the cultivation of the basketball team is an urgent problem.This thesis analyzed the statistical results of the tactics that the Chinese Women’sBasketball team applied throughout all the competitions by using all these methods, i.e.,literature references, surveys, field observation, video observation, expert interviews, andanalyze statistics and logics. The following conclusions are obtained,1) Young athletes havebetter body shapes and stronger physical strength. Even though they have discrepancy onheight and weight, compare with the adult team, yet their advantage of age could compensatethis insignificance.2) As for the scores, young athletes show their powerful skills on shooting2-point shots, but rather relatively poor skills on3-point shots and foul shots. Young playersrely more on center players when it comes to shooting locations.3) The total number ofpasses is high, but they make more misses on assisting. The team needs better improvementon rebounding, they show their competition on the court, yet needs more techniques andconsciousness to make it much better. On some other aspects, the team experience oncompeting, stability of applying all the tactics, and the psychological level of maturity needsto be improved. The young basketball team needs to work on their defense abilities, at thesame time, be aware of the increasing foul shots.4) Quick attacks focus mainly onintercepting the ball; shooting Guards are coordinating their actions with all the others. Thecombination between quick attacks and passing is indispensible on the court, but on total view,it does not work the ideal way.5) According to the changing battle array of each team, thearrangement of players and the instruction of coaches are closely related; individual scoresplays a great role than coordinating scores; the total effects of position attack are notsatisfying, it appears to have more unsuccessful attacks and misses.
Keywords/Search Tags:Twelfth Session of the National Games, Youth Women’s Basketball, OffensiveTechnique, Offensive Tactics, Applying-Ability
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