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The Research Of Construction And Evaluation Of High Level Sports Teams Of Universities In Shanghai

Posted on:2015-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494239Subject:Physical Education and Training
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High level sports teams in Colleges in China, after20years of exploration andpractice has made great progress and development. That this training model “Combinationof education and sport” will become a trend for development of sports of our country, Inorder to better connecting the tracks with the world of sports, to promote the developmentof China’s sports industry health and rapid.Since the beginning of1986, National Sports Commission and EducationCommission issued the "notice" on the ordinary universities to recruit high-level athleteswork, and then high level sports team in Universities in China like bamboo shoots after aspring rain like have established, presenting situation of all flowers bloom together. Ofcourse, all the university invested in this area is also great, including human and financialresources. In2010the Ministry of Education launched a new round of evaluation on theconstruction of high level sports teams in Colleges and Universities. Promoting thedevelopment of Shanghai and the whole country high level sports team.Based on the evaluation theory, through analysis and sorting the city of Shanghai highlevel sports team coaches, athletes and constructive leadership interviews andquestionnaires the opinion, the development of high level sports team has got summarize,and the results of high level sports teams in universities in Shanghai city has been evaluated,and the experience of constructing high level team has been summed up. The layout resultof the Shanghai high level sports team in2010has been evaluated. According to theevaluation process and evaluation index system, we put forward constructive suggestion.This paper through evaluating of the construction and development of Shanghai highlevel sports team, summarized some experience and lessons on the high level sports team,in order to offer some theory basis for the university high level sports teams and putforward constructive suggestions to promote the Shanghai city and the national ordinaryuniversity high level sports team assessment and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:High level sports teams in Colleges and Universities, Construction, Evaluation, Assessment
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