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Study On The Dilemma Of Rural One-child Family Life Care

Posted on:2015-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With more than30years since the implementation of China’s family planning policy,the number of one-child families in recent years show accelerated growth trend.The old-age security includes three contents,economic support, life care and spiritual comfort.In the reality uniqueness of the one-child,on the one hand,only one child does not exist the phenomenon of mutual prevarication in economic support;on the other hand,the elderly have no other care except that only child,then their spiritual comfort are easily satisfied.Therefore,with the scarcity of human resources support,one-child family life care is facing the most sensitive of the dilemma.Considering parents of rural one-child in life care exist complexity,this paper mainly conducts the exploration research.Because rural village is dispersive and I want to obtain vivid data,so I adopting the qualitative method.In this paper,20parents of rural one-child are the research object.To collect data and qualitative analysis of the collected data I take the case interview and observation method.To lay the foundation for the analysis,the collecting data were transcribed the tape.The research theme and information associated are combined.These analysis of the information are the bases of this paper.The main content of this paper includes six chapters.The first chapter is the introduction and it introduces the research problem.In the second chapter, the empirical data shows the parents of rural one-child life care status.According to the level of the life self-care,the paper shows different role in rural one-child family life care.The third chapter points out that the special dilemma of the rural one-child family life care.The dilemma is divided into two points.One side,the child who supported care is not fully,other side,the spouse who supported cannot be sustained.In the fourth chapter,the uniqueness of children in rural one-child family,restrict of the rural environment,lacking outside care subjects of rural family and the cost of social transformation.These constraints analysis the rural one-child family why in special dilemma.According to the above dilemma and constraints,the fifth chapter puts forward the corresponding countermeasures.The shared responsibility system of the establishment in the rural one-child family life care is necessary.Summary of conclusions and reflection on the research are in the sixth chapter of this paper.The study found that the rural one-child family life care is very vulnerable in current.The dilemma is mainly the comprehensive effect of these factors in individual,family,government and social environment.Facing the loss of all care subjects, the parents of rural one-child are not actively put forward the demand to the children,government and society.Instead,they reduces the requirements.A lot of the one-child families are appeared in the unique China’s population policy.In front of continuing of the one-child policy in our country,we cannot ignore this group old-age security demand, particularly,the most sensitive of life care in current.
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