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Comparison Of Sampling Design Accuracy Under The Constraints Of Cost

Posted on:2015-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Sampling charges and sampling precision are the core content ofsampling theory, and focus on the practical problems in the process ofinvestigation, furthermore two basic elements of judgmental samplingefficacy. Economic sample design can simply be described in two ways:within the scope of the approved costs to achieve the highest accuracy, orunder the requirement accuracy to make the minimum costs, but morecommon scenario in practical work is projects cost is given, the surveyasked us carefully planning, strictly control the cost, under this conditionby sampling design to achieve maximum accuracy at the time of thesurvey. Based on probability sampling under the established cost, Byclassification analysis and comparative analysis, this paper discussed theaccuracy of sampling design problems, and given the conditions of theseveral complex sampling designs being more effective than the simplerandom sampling, so that we can choose the most accurate in the case ofcertain cost sampling design, has a certain practical significance.The first part introduced the significance of studying samplingprecision and cost, and for this do a literature review, found that theexisting research mainly concentrated on the basic accuracy descriptionand the specific sampling cost function, and not for each probabilitysampling design in terms of accuracy and cost to the sample size forintermediate variables to make a detailed comparison. And this problem has important significance in theory and in practice, it is necessary toin-depth study.The second part at great length introduced the sampling accuracyand sample fee, then the relationship between sampling accuracy andsampling error, the description quantity of sampling accuracy, samplingprecision and cost function expression which aspects do the elaboration.Part III, Part IV is the focus of this article, premising that thesampling cost is constant, the sample size for the middle of the bridge, adetailed comparison of the accuracy of the sampling design. Among themthe third part mainly by simple random sampling for the reference,respectively various complex probability sampling (stratified sampling,systematic sampling, multistage sampling, cluster sampling) of accuracyand precision of the simple random sampling has made the detailedcomparison. The fourth part mainly to various complexes made tocompare the accuracy of probability sampling. Because o of differentexpression forms of Sampling cost function and accuracy function, inturn each of the sampling design refinement in cost and accuracycomparisons, when comparing the biggest difficulty is to select theappropriate variable precision function and its transformation.The fifth part mainly refined and induced the above comparativeanalysis.
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