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A Research On Chinese Women’s Volleyball Players At Each Position’s Technical And Non-technical Factors In The30th Olympic Games

Posted on:2015-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The30th Olympic Games was held in London on July27,2012. In the15days, the women’s volleyball teams which comes from all over the world fought hard with others. After the fierce competition, the Brazil captured the first title, the United States and Japan gained the second and third respectively. And the South Korea won the fourth place. The Chinese women’s volleyball team won the fifth with only three to three. This paper studied the Chinese women’s volleyball team and the top eight of the game by the way of video, mathematical statistics and contrastive analysis, especially from the technical factors and non-technical factors. We aim to find out the advantage and disadvantage of Chinese women’s volleyball team and try to grasp the development direction of modern volleyball. At the same time, we wish it can provide some advice for our women’s volleyball team in the offensive tactics.By studying, here comes to the following conclusions:1. Chinese team’s spikers are just a little younger in age in the non-technical aspects, and all other non-technical factors are ahead in the world; in skill, except the return of serve, the spiking, blocking and defense’s levels are poor.2. Chinese team’s blockers are younger in the non-technical aspects, although others are in the middle level, but the gap compared with the outstanding U.S. team is significant; in skill, they have the excellent defensive skills, but the blocking skill is ordinary and the spiking error rate is high.3. In the non-technical factors aspect, Chinese team’s passers’quetelet index, spiking and blocking height take a certain advantage, though the other non-technical factors are not significantly inferior, but only at a moderate level; in skill factors, compared with the other seven teams, Chinese team athletes’ spiking skill in this position is in the medium level from the overall, though the blocking efficiency is the highest the blocking rate’s score is ordinary, with the good defense in the overall performance.4. In non-technical factors. Chinese team’s passers are besides younger in age. their height, the height of spiking and blocking are at a higher level, but the weight and quetelet index are a little worse compared with other eight teams; in skill, compared with the other seven teams, the Chinese team passer players are the same with them, in the middle level. Except the Chinese team passer players have the high rates of block score, the other two indexes have the larger gap with rivals, and the defense’s overall performance is worse.5. In non-technical factors, Chinese team free man’s age, height, and quetelet indices are in the lower level among the eight teams. In skill factors, compared with other seven teams, Chinese team free man’s return of serve and defense are well-done, but in passing, compared with several excellent free people of the world (such as Brazil, the Japanese team) also exists some gaps. Advice:1. Selecting players according to the requirements of each position and features2. Technical training should not only pay attention to the technology of the athletes but also the comprehensiveness of them.3Exploring the scientific training methods for reducing sports injuries, extending the life of the athletes.4Strengthen the athletes’ psychological quality training.
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